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  • Triton By Dan Rix
  • Dan Rix
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  • 28 September 2019
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DOWNLOAD ð Triton By Dan Rix Elevator lobby It’s a warning A monster lurks onboard hunting them What they’ve long suspected appears certain the vanishingit was an attackNow the most unlikely of friends must confront the shadowy pasts that link them and regain control of a runaway cruise ship crack a four thousand year old mystery and wage war on a formless evilbefore they too vanish into oblivi. UndecidedI haven t been able to figure out if I liked this or not Some of it was ok but it did get weird and I just can t say whether I liked it or not


DOWNLOAD ð Triton By Dan Rix In the middle of the Atlantic four hundred miles west of Bermuda the eight thousand passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship MS Cypress vanish into thin air Everyone men women and children all gone TakenEveryone except five teenagersIn an instant their seven day cruise becomes a nightmare eighteen decks of haunted hallways pools and bars completely empty desserts stil. This is the second book I read by this author and it will definetely be my last oneIt has the same amazing premise and the same annoying characters as well as a weird storyline Welcome to the 5000 passenger cruiseship including a 15 year old nymphomanic an absolute control freak an almost raped and murdered girl and not to forget the former drug addict Crystal Meth Remember we are talking about teenagers at the age 15 to 18 Perfect cut through society I would say eye roll Not to forget that they are able to navigated a cruiseship and amost live without eatingReading the second book by this author I really think he has problem with women or definetely a weird world picture Both books have female characters who only seem to be able to express themselves over sex or their sexual attributes Dear author I don t know what kind of women you know but the world is not a playboy mansionThe only thing that kept me reading was that I wanted to find out how it ends and even that was absolute disappointing It started to drag from the middle part and I skipped and pages The ending was just dumb and illogical

REVIEW Triton By Dan Rix

DOWNLOAD ð Triton By Dan Rix L half eaten in the abandoned Royal Promenade A ghost ship the size of a city sailing blind At least their annoying parents are goneBut now strange things are happening Satellites are dropping out of orbit falling from the sky Satellitesand bigger things They’re not as alone as they think A message appears in an ancient language burned into the carpet in the deck ten. I read this book primarily because I was on a cruise and I figured a cruise ship would be a great setting for a supernatural adventure I have to admit I was disappointed The storyline seemed like a decent premise However the characters were difficult to believe and even difficult to care about I found myself skipping over pages because against my better judgement I was curious how it would end but couldn t take spending any time with the teens left on that cruise ship