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  • Arthur's Honey Bear I Can Read Book 2
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  • 05 April 2017
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Arthur's Honey Bear I Can Read Book 2

Summary · Arthur's Honey Bear I Can Read Book 2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF An old friend Young children will delight in the adventures of Arthur and Violet and this very special story about friendship. A sentimental tale of letting go of something that brought comfort in Arthur s life when he needed it most Will Arthur be willing to sale his Honey Bear at his tag sale of his older toys

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Summary · Arthur's Honey Bear I Can Read Book 2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Arthur and his sister Violet are selling their old toys even Arthur's favorite Honey Bear When his little sister buys his bear. Lillian Hoban s Arthur the Chimpanzee books are among the most beloved easy readers of the 1970s 80s and 90s The dialogue among the kids is fresh and witty without being unduly sophisticated and Lillian Hoban s illustrations perfectly show what s going on in the narrative the facial expressions of the characters telling much of the story Speaking of story few easy readers are deeply felt yet intrinsically simple than Arthur the Chimpanzee beginning with Arthur s Honey Bear in 1974 a book which reminds us that growing up never means outgrowing those who ve supported and cared for us to get where we are today We re never too old for the ones we love On spring cleaning day Arthur s little sister Violet sorts her toys into two categories some to put away in storage and others to keep out for daily play This gives Arthur the idea to sort his own toys and have a tag sale for the ones he no longer uses So he brings an armful of rocks stuffed animals knickknacks and toys to the stairs in front of his house and prices the items He charges between three and twelve cents for most of his unwanted playthings but thinks twice when Violet asks what he plans to charge for his Honey Bear a stuffed animal his father gave him when he had chicken pox Honey Bear stayed by Arthur s side every day of his uarantine the only one who could risk being near him If Arthur s going to sell Honey Bear it ll be for a lot money than his other discarded toys but he s not sure yet he wants to part with his old friend Honey Bear has lost an eye and taken on a bedraggled appearance over the years but that wear and tear makes him precious to Arthur because of what it represents One or two young chimps browse Arthur s sale but aren t impressed by a couple of rocks a bent Hula Hoop and some finger paintings Then Wilma comes by and spots Honey Bear tucked behind another stuffed animal He would make a nice gift for her sister s birthday Arthur sets the price outlandishly high yet Wilma still wants to make the purchase Arthur doesn t really want to relinuish his cozy companion however and Wilma departs without Honey Bear But someone else has her eye on Arthur s cherished old toy and is ready to incrementally increase her offer until he gives in and sells it In his heart of hearts Arthur didn t want to sell the bear but what could he do when offered a bonanza in return He did want to clear out his old toys after all Arthur feels he s made a mistake immediately after handing over Honey Bear Now everything reminds him of his lost friend from the fortune in his box of Cracker Jack to the picture he colors in his new coloring book of a happy boy hugging his teddy bear Arthur has sold the one toy he needs as much as he ever did even if he didn t take Honey Bear to bed any What can he do to set things right We re often tempted to distance ourselves from our past by leaving behind tangible remnants of it but we re not as free from yesterday as we believe Memory is everything we are the person we re becoming is the result of memories built one upon the next like a tower since the day we were born and ripping out memories from the middle and tossing them away makes the tower less secure We need our foundational memories in order to stand whole and strong in the knowledge of who we are The Honey Bears we adored yesterday may seem vestigial now a needed comfort in our younger days that we ve grown tough enough to get along without but are we ever tough enough to dismiss someone who loves us unconditionally who didn t mind if we hugged them close when we were at our most toxic A friend willing to risk harm from proximity to us is a friend we can t afford to let go The relationship is bound to change as we grow older and develop new friends and interests but that doesn t mean the friendship is over We have room for our Honey Bears at any age and stage of life a reminder that someone loved us all along and would have been there if we called for them in spite of any dread disease we contracted The relationship will change and adapting to it is just one in the endless series of challenges that make up a life well lived But that change is okay as Arthur finds out It might lead to an exciting new chapter in an old relationship sharing the affection we still feel for our dear friend with someone else just now ready to love them the way we once did Arthur s Honey Bear is a wonder How does a book this short express such vivid emotion and timeless wisdom But that is what the best easy readers do creating unpolluted reservoirs of literary value that are as accessible for emerging readers as they are for kids who learned to read years ago Lillian Hoban taps into this reservoir as reliably as any author of easy readers I ve encountered so it s understandable why her Arthur the Chimpanzee series is lauded as one of the best I love Arthur s Honey Bear for its simple sweet characters and reassuring message that loved ones are indispensable at any age They re worth too much to let go for any price and the consolation they offer is never obsolete If you re looking for a book to help kids master the mechanics of reading while imparting lessons they can treasure for a lifetime by all means try Arthur s Honey Bear and the Arthur the Chimpanzee series You couldn t make a finer choice

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Summary · Arthur's Honey Bear I Can Read Book 2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Arthur misses him terribly But Arthur realizes that even though he's growing up he can still have a special relationship with. I don t recall reading any Arthur books as a kid though they must have been around given this one was originally published in the 1970s The story was a lot longer than I anticipated but I thought it was really sweet Arthur decides to sell a bunch of old toys mostly for a few cents each and most of them damaged and broken He includes his old teddy bear which he is clearly reluctant to sell When his little sister ultimately buys the bear he uickly regrets it but soon figured out a way for them to share it The story definitely has a vintage feel with the toys including a hula hoop yo yo China horse and Noah s ark not to mention the highest amount of money discussed is 50 cents But I can see this story still resonating with young readers today At any rate I found it charming