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Nocilla Experience Read & Download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ?n Willard sigue esperando en Saigón auella misión nunca imaginó lo especial ue sería Hay gente ue utiliza los oleoductos vacíos subterráneos de la antigua Unión Soviética para cruzar las fronteras Un cocinero proyecta cocinar el horizonteTrasladar al cómic parte del Proyecto Nocilla es consecuente con los principios del afterpop y con la visión no lineal del mundo Pere Joan da forma a los personajes de Agustín Fernández Mallo y elabora una adaptació. Josecho was a fervent practitioner of an aesthetic tendency he himself had termed transpoetic fiction which consisted of creating hybrid artefacts somewhere between science and what is traditionally known as literature Nocilla Experience translated by Thomas Bunstead is the 2nd volume of Agust n Fern ndez Mallo s Nocilla Trilogy My reviews of Part I Nocilla Dream and Part III Nocilla Lab largely cover the trilogy Given how different Dream and Lab are it was rather disappointing to find that Experience rather repeats the format of Dream with just a variation in theme and also does so in a way that also doesn t particularly draw the two other parts of the trilogy together Here the literary touchpoint for the novel shifts from Borges to Julio Cort zar s Hopscotch Julio appearing as a character in this novel who claims to have also written a Hopscotch B which concerns the mathematical concepts of open and closed balls And rather than the interstitial territories of Lab attention here shifts to both the skins of things the only place the light reaches and also to the horizon 3 Sandra flies from London to Palma de Mallorca Barely 1 hour the orbit of the Earth on pause She flicks through the in flight magazine British Airways News Reports on wine production in Ribeiro and Rioja the latest hightech architecture in Berlin mail order Majorica pearls A tear falls onto a photo of a Caribbean beach but the beach has not pricked it from her and neither has the Caribbean nor the gravity to which all tears are subject She looks out the window looks ahead sees neither clouds nor earth Here the verification of something she already knew on aeroplanes there is no horizonI spotted one recurring character and cross reference from the world of Dream into that of Experience the poetry of Hannah from Utah first introduced in chapter 26 of Dream and read by Josecho in chapter 57 of Experience which makes me think there might be or like in Rachel Cusk s recent trilogy and the name of the narrator perhaps there is just one mention in each book See Neil s review for a detailed take and one which does bring some distinctive features of Experience although I note he two shared the relative disappointment Indeed I would go so far as to say one could safely skip this volume of the trilogy and proceed straight from 1 to 3 3 stars 275

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Nocilla Experience Read & Download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N a novela gráfica de Nocilla Experience ue permite visualizar el complejo entramado de situaciones de la novela de los personajes e ideas ue salpican la narración«Así como toda la obra de Fernández Mallo es una construcción donde se mezclan diferentes ámbitos mi dibujo intenta traducir ese territorio entre el dibujo descriptivo la poesía visual y la claridad gráfica El afterpop no teme la fusión de géneros y el cómic no teme a la literatura»Pere Joa. Experimental and heavy but with a very special feeling to it The author fails to develop some stories to their fullest potential but nevertheless it is the kind of book that tries to transcend and take literature to the future

characters É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Agustín Fernández Mallo

Nocilla Experience Read & Download ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Harold acaba su última caja de cereales deja conectada su primitiva videoconsola y decide recorrer Norteamérica durante un lustro Un tipo ue maneja las grúas del puerto de Nueva York diseña una casa para suicidas En Basora un marine se enamora de una irakí en el instante en ue la encañona Un tal Julio da forma a una Rayuela alternativa Sandra vuela de Londres a Palma de Mallorca al tiempo ue se resuelve el misterio del incendio de la Torre Windsor El capit?. Nocilla Experience is volume two of a trilogy I read volume one Nocilla Dream the day before I read this one ie I read them back to back The final instalment Nocilla Lab is due to be published in English by Fitzcarraldo Editions in January 2019 just 2 3 weeks after my reading of these first two instalmentsThere are some key similarities between Dream and Experience multiple short chapters mixture of fact and fiction non linear multi person narratives that swirl around one another But I think the the titles are apt for the way the books feel The first book Dream has a dream like uality to it it swirls around a tree in the Nevada desert and somehow the text has a desert like atmosphere This second book feels much reality based even though it still contains plenty of bizarre happeningsI liked the way Dream kept coming back to the tree in the desert and I liked the desert feel of the narratives In Experience I missed both these and I have to say I didn t enjoy the book uite so much The narratives still mix together and gradually connect but there isn t so much of a central point for them to coalesce around and the writing has a very different feel to it It is still a fascinating book to read but somehow it lacked the magic for me I expect others to have exactly the opposite view because both books push boundaries and take their readers on a journey where what happens in your brain as you read is probably important than any story being told although there really isn t a storyWe meet a lot of people obsessed with things in this volume There is a man painting all the chewing gum stuck to the pavements and another man trying to eat all the corn flakes with a sell by date the same as the date of his wife s death These are just two examples One of the characters lives on a rooftop and hangs mathematical formulae on a clothes line If you have read Bolano s 2666 that will sound very familiar I highlighted it as I read it and made a note to check it out The interesting thing is that in a final section called Clarifications Mallo says he has NOT read 2666 This is something he says is a way of confirming the fact that whether we want to or not in the end we all go back to the hidden threads of a literature that is outside our controlMallo coined the term post poetry Agust n Fernandez Mallo is a physicist and writer In the year 2000 he created the term Post poetic poetry connections between literature and the sciences see In the credits he says that the Nocilla trilogy is a project which seeks to transfer certain aspects of my theory of post poetry to fictionIt certainly makes for fascinating and entertaining reading I should add if you like that kind of thing to the end of that sentence really as this is not everyone s idea of a good book it is very different and the ratings on Goodreads show it is not universally liked But I think that if you can treat it as some kind of experiment in poetry fiction and science and if you are the kind of person who likes books that suggest or hint rather than tell then this trilogy might be for you

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