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read The Hanging Garden Patrick White Î 3 characters read Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Patrick White In wartime Australia these two children form an extraordinary bond as they negotiate the dangers of life as strangers abandoned on the far side of the worldWith the tenderness and rigour of an old wise novelist Patrick White explores the world of these children the city of his childhood and the experience of war The Ha. If you love Patrick White and I do you will want to read this posthumous publication of an unfinished work by the great novelist The 215 pages of this work actually represents only the first part of a projected three part novel which unfortunately was not completed owing to other pressing social political and theatrical work in which White was preoccupied with at the end of his life This is a draft of that first third of his book something he had written comparatively uickly and with which he admitted to friends he was generally pleasedThe setting is WWII but set in Australia As usual his two main protagonists have developed special insights peculiar to themselves see also my review of Happy Valley Irene Sklavos is the daughter of a Sydney woman and a Greek father a Communist who has been executed in a Greek prison Her mother needs to return to continue the struggle in Greece Gilbert Horsfall s father is a Colonel fighting in the war During the Blitz on London Gilbert s mother and his best friend Nigel are killed As was common at that time these orphaned children were despatched to the care of foster parents in far away Sydney where it was hoped they would be safe from what was happening in Europe When the two children meet despite their differences they recognise a common affinity to special awarenessThis first part of the projected novel concentrates on the two children particularly Irene and how they cope with the people in the new country they have been sent to their different schooling and the acuaintances they are or less forced to make Both are aware of the Australians cultural differences they need to deal with and this contributes to their budding common awareness and special friendship As time passes Irene seems apparently self possessed and self aware but Gilbert increasingly appears to need to deny his internal reality and mimic instead what he considers to be his uncouth Australian school companions at least in his external actions This first part ends with the announcement of the end of the War and the presumption is that the two children will be completely physically separated than they already are and perhaps foreverWhat White might have had in mind for the remaining two parts of the novel are anyone s guess the only clue appears to be that he intended the relationship between Irene and Gilbert to continue for at least 36 years and probably to find them back together in Sydney in 1981 but speculation is pointless It doesn t matter really although what White might have come up with is tantalising especially for someone who has read and relished his other work This first part draft still resonates with White s concerns and preoccupations and his writing even in draft form is as powerful moving and observant as in his other worksThis book has been transcribed unedited from White s handwritten manuscript Whether White would have retained this first part as it now stands is a moot point what we have instead is something uniue an unprecedented insight into the workings of a great novelist

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read The Hanging Garden Patrick White Î 3 characters read Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Patrick White Nging Garden ends as the news reaches Sydney of victory in Europe and the children face their inevitable separationWhite put the novel aside at this point and how he planned to finish the work remains a mystery But at his death in 1990 he left behind a masterpiece in the making which is published here for the first time. A mature unfinished work by a great writer Intellectually I could engage with interest but reading it simply as a novel I felt dissatisfied and frustrated by the fog of verbal texture that obscured the unfolding of the narrative This was clearly written by a mind that had become used to observing ever so closely but perhaps at the expense of telling a good yarnThe book has been published without editing in deference to White s death before the planned larger work was completed It was compelling to imagine this as a manuscript coming straight from his pen but I often found the syntax clunky and the sentences often reuired several readings in order to glean their meaning I feel horribly guilty I admire the author and his sensitivities enormously but I could not finish the book because I felt the struggle was wasting my time There is too much else to read

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read The Hanging Garden Patrick White Î 3 characters read Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Patrick White A previously unpublished novel from the winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize for Literature Two children are brought to a wild garden on the shores of Sydney Harbour to shelter from the Second World War The boy's mother has died in the Blitz The girl is the daughter of a Sydney woman and a Communist executed in a Greek prison. I don t usually read books that were not completed by their author but I was given to understand that Patrick White s final incomplete novel was worth reading and ended as part one of a longer novel It certainly had that feel but it left me wanting to know what happened to the two main characters both children evacuated to Australia during the second world war There are a few notes within the text indicating passages White wanted to expand upon and some minor errors that have been left in but this gives the reader a sense of sharing a work in progress something I believe White would have hated although he had put it aside uite a while before he died

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