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True Divide True #3

review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Liora Blake Liora Blake ´ 8 summary summary True Divide True #3 108 Spitfire Lacey Mosely feels stuck in a life she didn’t necessarily want But will she find a happy ending with the man who broke her heart Liora Blake concludes her witty and poignant True series with this spirited romanceWhat do you do when the one boy you were neve. 4 starsTrue Divide is such an endearing romance of second chances and reconnecting with your high school sweetheartLacey is such a relatable heroine Sometimes I feel as if she is too real The kind of girl who care too much about how she looks to others insecure about her future envy of her sister second guessing everything that might be too good to be real She s the kind of girl who never had the guts for a one night stand You know I live vicariously through the heroines in my books when she refuse to hook up with Jake I was so disappointed Jake Holt used to be the town misfit and when he left town after graduation he didn t even say goodbye to Lacey Now he reappeared in town 10 years later looking like a hunk of a man rather than the skinny boy he used to be My favorite part of the story is how Lacey and Jake reconnect through emails and calls while they were thousand miles apart I always love reading about distance relationship and how they can t wait to reunite and see each other again Jake is the perfect kind of swoon worthy hero I just love everything about him From the way he try to fix up everything and cook a mean meal The only problem with Jake is he work all the way in Santa Monica and unable to be there for Lacey when she needs him And the biggest conflict of all he hates Crowell which is Lacey s home Their difference view towards the Crowell Town causes a rift between them in the end when they need to decide how to be together and not living apart To Lacey Although I love the way Liora ended it which is in a positive and hopeful note I wish there is an epilogueA little something about Kate and Trevorview spoiler I can t believe Kate let Trevor travel to LA when she is going to due in two weeks for such menial task That doesn t sound like something a pregnant wife would do hide spoiler

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review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Liora Blake Liora Blake ´ 8 summary summary True Divide True #3 108 R uite able to forget lands on your doorstepLacey Mosely feels stuck in her rural town of Crowell Montana at her job as manager of The Beauty Barn and in her lackluster love life Enter Jake Holt one time misfit and Lacey’s secret high school love Ten years later Jak. Sexy talkerJack Holt is definitely lumbersexual delicious but Lacey Mosely knows there needs to be than physical beauty and sexual attraction to make a relationship And Jack was definitely a flight risk Lacey loved him when he was not the most popular kid in school but the boy who really listened to her who actually got her Ten years later Lacey is living in the same small town with no real successes under her belt while Jack returns a handsome professional who has seen the world Did she want to resurrect what they once had Besides you re the one humping my leg People probably can t see my hands all over your ass but they sure as hell can see you trying to mount me you little minx Trust was definitely broken between the two and to say Lacey is wary is an understatement While she definitely felt physically drawn to him she was uncertain about her own feelings and even so about Jack s Whether they stroll down memory lane or venture out and make new memories the two have this wonderfully frank and funny way of speaking to each other Deprecating humor and salty sexy talk had me smirking and laughing throughout They may be uncertain about each other s feelings but they definitely know what each other likes in other areas Oh yes phone sex is taken to new heights or depths depending on how you look at it as they get down and dirty When memory lane includes a cheerleading outfit anything is possiblePacked with emotions this is a second chance romance that left me with a hopeful feeling despite a rather understated ending I m pretty sure I never stopped being in love with you Lacey Not for one damn second This whole time even when I was on the wrong side of the Continental Divide my fucking heart was still here with you Diane 4 stars

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review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Liora Blake Liora Blake ´ 8 summary summary True Divide True #3 108 E is a private pilot whose travels take him all over the world and once he shows up in Lacey’s life again at the most unexpected time he can’t seem to stay away Now it’s up to Lacey to decide if she’s ready to let go of the pastand take a leap of faith for lov. 5 Shoelace Fangs I love this book I actually love the seriesWhen Lacey appeared as a character on True North I wasn t sure I was going to like her until she took care of Kate when she had her little break down Then she could have been a problem in True Devotion but she wasn t Lacey Mosely likes to dress up wear make up and wear expensive shoes She has worked at the same store since she was a teenager Her life is in Crowell Montana and she is happy that way Nevertheless she does long for a love like her sister has She has dated the Sheriff who used to be a B but her heart has always belonged to just one man Jake Holt Jake was the troubled teenager who moved to a new town He was the one other teenagers steered clear of except for the cheerleader prom ueen Lacey He was in love with her but the town had nothing but bad memories for him so he left as soon as he was old enough He wanted to make something of his life After years of hard work he is now a private pilot Fate brings him back to the small town of Crowell and to his first love Lacey I can t tell you how much I loved this book Lacey and Jack had a true connection This was their needed second chance at happiness It was great seeing how the other characters lives were progressing too I m going to miss these characters Sheets Shoelace Cliffhanger No55 Shoelace FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter

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