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FREE READ ´ A Case of Doubtful Death Frances Doughty #3 Left to decompose before burial to reassure clients that no one can be buried alive He collapses and dies apparently of natural causes but on the same night one of his most reliable employees goes missing Frances Doughty a y. Another winner by this wonderful author

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FREE READ ´ A Case of Doubtful Death Frances Doughty #3 Oung sleuth with a reputation for solving knotty cases is engaged to find the missing man but nothing is as it seems Suspicions of blackmail fraud and murder lead to a gruesome exhumation in the catacombs with shocking resul. This novel takes place in London during the Victorian era an interesting period in England s history Unfortunately I found the author s notes at the end of the novel to be far interesting than the story itself At only 284 pages this tale was still too long by 100 pages This author managed to turn an interesting subject corpses left on slabs decomposing in a mortuary ensuring no one is buried alive into a boring read With too many characters and too many subplots I lost interest and grew tired of reading this book I will not be reading any books in the Frances Doughty series

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FREE READ ´ A Case of Doubtful Death Frances Doughty #3 The third book in the series of Victorian murder mysteries set in London with a clever and determined female sleuthA dedicated doctor has set up a waiting mortuary on the borders of Kensal Green Cemetery where corpses are. This is the third in the Frances Doughty mystery series Frances a young Victorian woman not attracted to the standard roles for women of the era has set herself up as a detective This case revolves around finding the missing Henry Palmer an orderly at the nearby Life House waiting mortuary A waiting mortuary was a Victorian concept for avoiding being buried alive an obsession of the era The belief was that while signs of a beating heart or breathing lungs were sometimes mistaken signs of decay were irrefutable evidence of death A waiting mortuary allowed a body to be removed from the family home where the death occurred and be placed in a warm hospital like setting to be regularly monitored by doctors and orderlies both for signs of life and signs of decomposition If decomposition was seen the staff at Life House organized a funeral and the coffin was set in an above ground catacomb at Kensal Green Cemetery for an additional two weeks of monitoring before burialWhile Palmer appears to have disappeared into thin air his employer Dr MacKenzie the founder of Life House collapsed and died at the mortuary Frances investigation into Palmer s whereabouts inevitably intersect with Dr MacKenzie s death What she learns begins to suggest that Dr MacKenzie s death was not altogether natural This series has many elements of a cozy an amateur detective ineffective law enforcement professionals and a host of two dimensional characters The crimes featured are juicier than a typical cozy The era the descriptions of London in the 1880s and of course the Victorian fascination and fear of death are fascinating

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • A Case of Doubtful Death Frances Doughty #3
  • Linda Stratmann
  • English
  • 20 July 2019
  • 9780752470184