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  • 01 February 2019
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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Laura Buzo Laura Buzo Ü 4 Free download Holier Than Thou Read & Download ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook 'What do you want Hol' Abby looks into my eyes 'I I want to know that I'm using my powers for good and ' 'You want to make a dead man proud' 'Whoa''You want to put bandages over severed arteries that really need to be s. So normally when I dislike a book that is obviously a well written uniue and great book I normally say something along the lines of Oh well this book obviously wasn t written for me I can t really say that for this one because well this book was written for meWell not literallyMs Buzo didn t sneakily e mail me and say HEY JO I ve written a book AND IT S FOR YOU But I m the same age as the heroine and this is kind of a big deal for me There are tons of books written about children there are even books written about teenagers but then there s kind of a lull And then we jump right ahead to the twenty seven year old business ladies who work in the city but have a LIFE CRISIS so they move to a rural farm where they fall in love with a gardener andor an underwear model or somethingBut where are the books about the people who have just left university They re expected to be grown ups for the first time ever Life is staring at them and saying Go on it s your move Imagine the angstThe last time I read a book where I was the same age as the heroine was Harry Potter But that probably doesn t count because SPOILER I am not a witch But in Holier Than Thou Holly is my age Now And she has problems and issues that I have Right We re going to be the bestest of friendsWell in theoryI ve had bad experience with media about leaving university before In the month or so after we handed our dissertation in and before we got kicked out of our student house my best friend and I watched Post Grad Now I refuse to apologise because I was basically watching any film that wasn t directed by Scorsese and Allen but wow That film was pretty much the worst film in the entire world to watch after you ve just graduatedLuckily this book didn t have the same effect on me as that film did read I don t punch wildly at things when it s mentioned but I still didn t enjoy it I don t know what it is about Ms Buzo but it seems that she has a great knack for writing great stories with characters I really dislike I just really really didn t like Holly at all I found her extremely negative and cynical and well kinda whingy Now don t get me wrong it would have been just as bad if she d been Mary Sunshine happy happy joy joy for the whole book because no one is like that ButI don t even think she laughed once Apart from when she was laughing bitterly at how her life was over before she was twenty fiveWhat follows is a conversation that I had with Flann about this book because it s interesting and I think it will explain a bit better the problems I had with it than I could Also it will get me off the hook from actually writing a proper reviewJo I m really struggling with Holier Than Thou by the wayFlann Yeah What don t you like about itJo I don t know I don t really like HollyFlann No I totally liked herJo I find her really aggressive like she has this sense of entitlement about everything just because she doesn t know what to do with her life I m not that far into it but yeah I m not in love with itFlann Hm I m trying to think about what you mean She definitely has an attitude towards her friends because she think what she is doing is worthyJo Yeahjust her whole outlook on life is just really difficult for me to understandFlann Do you have a lot of friends doing businessfinance jobsJo No most of my friends are in retail or adminFlann I think I could just relate to her a bit because after college I was honestly digging through flooded houses and shit and building stuff and I d visit my college friends and they d just go to work in a skyscraper and then go get drunk every day after work and it was hard not to think what I was doing was worthwhile If that makes sense So I can identify with the feelings Holly has towards her friends who aren t doing anything that is blatantly helping othersJo Yeah it does Maybe it s because I m kind of in her situation but it s very different Like I ve graduated but because of the times I ve had to move home and except for like two of them all my friends are doing jobs that have nothing to do with their degreesFlann I think you are at an interesting point in your life right now Like you aren t doing something that you love but I think Holly s at that point like a few years down the line even if she is the same age when people are settling into permanent jobs and it s like a crisis because this is it Shit s scaryJo It s weird because Holly reads a lot older than me I m not saying I m immature although I probably am but hardly any of my friends have permanent real life jobs I feel like I m kind of in limbo at the moment and even though it s annoying and doing an admin job feels tedious to me it s exciting Maybe it s because Holly has kind of written it off as this is it nothing exciting will happen now but I and my friends are still probably naively thinking that our real life hasn t begun yet There s still stuff to be excited aboutI think I just uoted a Colin Hay songFlann That s exactly itJo But yeah Holly doesn t read like a 23 year old to me tbh She takes herself very seriously and she s so cynical It s just like Show us a smile HollyFlann I was thinking you d like it because I wrongly assumed a bunch of your friends would be in but I wonder if you ll like it a few years down the lineJo I think a couple of years ago I would but because of the recession and how difficult it is to get a job at the moment Only one of my friends actually has a job that she would uite happily stay in for the rest of her life primary school teacherFlann I really liked it because it reminds me of early 20s me Though I am still pretty lostJo But all my other friends have their passions related to their degree but they do it on the side and they don t get paid for it Like me with my writingblogging my friend doing amateur dramatics etc etc Do you understand what I m saying though I feel a bit lost trying to sort out my feelings with this oneFlann no I totally get what you re saying about HTT I think in a few years many of your friends will give up their passions That s the point when you would like the book sad but trueI realised I made a mistake in the above conversation Holly is actually 24So that means I still have just over six months until I turn 24 Maybe that s it Maybe that s why I didn t like this book because I don t believe that I only have a year left of being passionate about things I love and looking forward to what s next I m 23 and I don t share that outlook that this is itYeah I m not where I want to be in life but unlike Holly I can add one word onto that sentence I m not where I want to be in lifeyetCall me na ve but I don t want to settle and I m not going to stop believingAnd yes I did just uote a Journey song

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Laura Buzo Laura Buzo Ü 4 Free download Holier Than Thou Read & Download ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A layer of steel around her heart that is beginning to tarnish Just as she is reaching for a future she can't uite see Holly is borne back into the past by memories of her beloved father and of the boy who might have be. Well this is disappointing I was so certain I would love Holier Than Thou after enjoying Buzo s first novel but I found myself thinking it was neither as funny or as sad as the blurb would have you think It s basically the story of a young woman s day to day life from moving into a new home to being in love to dealing with her father s death When you write the kind of book that is about a normal person with a fairly normal life I just need to see a little drama some humour a touch of sadness something to stir things up a bit Holier Than Thou its story characters etc they all seemed to massively lack charismaBuzo s debut Good Oil is a fantastic book both heartwarming and sad There s a bittersweetness to it and that s long been something I can t resist bittersweetness can break my heart so much easily than tragedy when it s done right I m just like that Plus it would be hard to find someone who can t relate to Good Oil and perhaps this is my ultimate problem with Holier Than Thou Buzo s first book is about a teenage girl who develops a huge crush on her older co worker and honestly how many ladies here don t know how this painful story goesIn Good Oil I was Amelia I had been her before so many times I d obsessed over a number of Chris like characters and her story was my life a few years ago I think this is the book s strength that relatability which takes you back to all those fond but slightly cringy memories Holier Than Thou isn t my life the protagonist is unfamiliar and boring to me I thought I would be ready for this New Adult genre being twenty years old and hitting the top end of Young Adult but perhaps I am actually a little too young for Holly s story I am not yet dealing with a proper job or considering settling down with a long term partner or thinking about babies I m still just hoping I get at least a 21 in my degree Would this story have spoken to me if it had been familiar Shirley s review and Catie s status make me think that it might have doneI think Buzo might have a talent for writing stories that bring back the readers memories that remind them of first crushes first jobs first homes she certainly did in Good Oil This book fell a little short of the mark for me whether that s because of my age or because of the story itself it s hard to tell But this just didn t give me those warm and slightly sad fuzzies that Buzo s first work did

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Laura Buzo Laura Buzo Ü 4 Free download Holier Than Thou Read & Download ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ewn shut You want the moral high ground'Holly Yarkov has a boyfriend who is a gift from the universe She has a job that fulfils her even as it wears her down She has a core group of friends from high school And she has. The following review was part of a three way review on our blog The context can be found hereI spent a huge amount of time in high school and occasionally in college playing The Sims My younger sister and I have discussions about where are Sims meters are at any given time and it makes total sense to us In the chart on top you can see where I d like my meters to be at any given time If you approach me when my meters are at those levels I will be chipper like no one s business In Holier Than Thou Holly s meters are well a total crapfest She s in a draining job where she receives little recognition for the work she does she and her live in boyfriend don t talk about anything and she s lost touch with all of her friends The only thing Holly looks forward to is spending time with her co worker Nick who trains in circus acts during his free time The two of them develop a smooth friendship where they can toss movie uotes back and forth and she maintains a relationship with him and talks to him about all the things she isn t talking to her boyfriend about I think a lot of my connection to Holly had to do with her relationship with her friends I love my friends to death all of them so when I spent two years doing service work mostly gutting and rebuilding after Katrina and then I d go visit friends and they d say things like Oh is that stuff still going on down there and I thought everything was better now it would make my blood absolutely boil At the same time everyone is doing their own thing so I m sure they probably wanted to tell me about their jobs and I d like to think that I didn t trivialize their experiences But I m sure I probably did so I could totally identify with Holly s holier than thou persona It s hard to take it down a notch to socialize when you have a huge emotional attachment to your jobThis is one of those books that readers will either totally connect to or not so much as totally evidenced by the reviews on Goodreads and in this three way heh and it is understandable There isn t a ton of plot movement but I thought the book flew by because I was enthralled with the characters what choices they would make and whether Holly s Sims meters would get the upturn that I kept hoping they would Holly compartmentalized grief from the death of her father she s mourning the loss of several friendships and she s wondering about her relationship This book is just about the buildup buildup buildup and release I love it all the for the fact that many uestions are never answered That s life