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Free read American Psycho ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download American Psycho O psicopata americano √© um dos mais radicais relatos sobre a banalidade da viol√™ncia do consumo e do vazio da gera√ß√£o de yuppies ue viveu sua juventude nos anos 80 O protagonista √© Patrick Batemann um jovem de 26 anos ue de. I actually read this book a few years ago but I stumbled across the Goodreads reviews of it and felt I needed to add my voice because it is such a difficult piece of lit in a lot of waysand honestly it probably is deserving of a thesis paper than of a measly little review on Goodreads American Psycho is a brilliant book Genius It will no doubt deservingly be remembered as Bret Easton Ellis s masterpiece his tour de force of sadist misanthropy I effing HATED it American Psycho is a brutal satire of the American upper middle class set amongst the yuppies of New York during the boom era of the 1980 s Patrick Bateman is the main character and narrator a bland upwardly mobile business man whose personality is a terrifyingly blank slate He defines himself solely by the products he uses the clothes he wears the places he is seen eating or partying He is also a murderer In the course of the book he murders a homeless man a colleague and numerous prostitutes all with less emotion than he bestows upon his hair gelEllis slyly balances the relative passion with which Bateman might discuss Huey Lewis in one chapter with a dispassionate yet detailed and horrific play by play of rape and dismemberment in the nextThe banality and sly humor Bateman s analysis of Whitney Huston is both disturbingly off kilter and hilarious of the early non violent passages of the book make the murders all the jarring to the senses when they start coming thick and fast at the end and black humor gives way to an out and out brutality the likes of which have not been touched in any other book I ve ever readAt first glance it seems as though it is the juxtaposition of the banal and the brutal that make American Psycho shocking In fact however what wrenches the gut is the sameness of detail and emotion with which both torture and nouvelle cuisine are treated Ellis s muse is at once a monster and a metaphor not just for the Reagan era but for the potential darkness of post modernity in toto He is a camera His world is reduced to an inventory of details eually weighted a chair a suit an arm a headReading American Psycho is a much less enjoyable experience than you might think based on its titillating reviews or even Guinevere Turner s smart film adaptation which was my original impetus for reading the book The book is many times darker nastier uglier grosser crueler than I was prepared for and I am a pretty die hard fan of horror and true crime lit Like many other women who read this book I found myself getting faint and ueasy and ended up hurling it across the room in disgust I couldn t make it to the end As a female and a feminist I found the book problematic Of course the character of Bateman is supposed to be vile but his misogyny is so pronounced that I find it hard to simply glom it on with the rest of his misanthropic tics Sure he kills his ahole co worker and a few other dudes here and there but mostly he kills women And unlike the asexual murder of his colleague these womens deaths are hyper sexualized They are all committed post coitally they are almost all prostitutes While I don t think that Bret Easton Ellis is unaware of the misogynist content of AP I nevertheless find it disturbing because of the narrator s lack of analysis and because of a dearth of the clever commentary Ellis sneaks in during so many other moments in the novel It is heady territory just waiting to be mined by some iron willed feminist scholar with the eggs for it but I am not that woman and if you don t think you re that woman either then I would STRONGLY advise avoiding American PsychoPutting it bluntly the scenes of women being raped beaten tortured and killed in this book are numerous long detailed and presented with an absolute lack of empathy For myself this book made me feel as though I had been sexually assaulted And while I appreciate the genius of such a book that doesn t mean I have to like it

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Free read American Psycho ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download American Psycho Os aueles ue de alguma forma o entediam Sem piedade sem remo√ßo sem consci√™ncia em seguida saindo para tomar um drinue ou fazer compras em lojas de grifesEssa viol√™ncia expl√≠cita fez com ue o lan√ßamento da primeira edi√ß√£o d. American Psycho is an energetic display of brutal writing It s without a doubt the most gruesome thing I ve read It s horrifying and truly shocking at times I had to put the book down on several occasions whilst I recovered from the graphic nature of some of it So a word of warning if you don t like blood don t even bother picking this one up It s full of mutilations and brutal murder But the violence was so completely necessary in all its terribleness because it captures something very disturbing about the world A uestion if you will how many people truly know you I m not talking about the you that everybody sees but the real you Not many I m sure We only ever truly know ourselves because we are the only one who has access to our thoughts and hidden desires Bateman knows this and he uses it to his advantage there is an idea of a Patrick Bateman some kind of abstraction but there is no real me only an entity something illusory and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable I simply am not there Nobody knows him He appears to be a conformist blending comfortably into society and all its stupid materialistic aspirations He is very well aware of the problems society faces His speech at the start of the book is a convincing argument though none of his friends sat around the dinner table are willing to listen to him and address a real problem They are too materialistic and self absorbed to consider anything beyond their own lives They simply carry on with their conversation as if he never spoke thus he continues on with his own destructive behaviour and slowly becomes and trapped repressed and angry I think he was however only ever probing them for a response to know how much he can get away with The book is a heavy critiue on consumerism and the ridiculous nature of it Everybody is obsessed with the latest brands and most expensive products The homeless are always remarked on as Bateman walks past them wearing his ridiculously expensive clothing There are endless descriptions of goods and products The use of such a device in the narrative was a perfect way to expose how out of touch society is It doesn t see what s in front of it which allows the real Bateman to explore his darkest and most evil of fantasies unnoticed as he enacts the charade that is his life It s an immensely clever book and though the narrative does become dry and repetitive it was totally necessary to show the mind of a psychopath and his fixations All it comes down to is this I feel like shit but look great That being said though I found myself struggling to read it It wasn t the violence or the nastiness of the protagonist that put me off although that was truly disturbing it was the pessimism that ran through the book There is no hope in sight Ellis shows us a dark part of reality and it left me feeling rather depressed This isn t a criticism of the writing for it is a fantastic creation it s just a summary of my feelings such as they are Afterwards I found myself craving something light and fluffy something that would lift my spirits and restore some of my faith in humanity It s an intense book and it could leave you feeling rather shit It affected me uite strongly which bespeaks the power of this narrative Read it if you dare

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Free read American Psycho ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download American Psycho Dia fatura uma fortuna trabalhando em Wall Street e √† noite se acaba em festas regadas a coca√≠na e u√≠sue uando se sente muito entediado sai pelas ruas de Nova York assassinando brutalmente mendigos torturando prostitutas e tod. THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS FULL TO THE BRIM THESE ARE SOME MUSINGS THAT IN NO WAY RESEMBLE A BOOK REVIEW YOU CAN READ IT BUT I AM TELLING YOU STRAIGHT UP THERE WILL BE SPOILERS actually it s not that badpaul bryant recently reviewedrevised his review of this book hi paul bryant and i read it and the dozens of intelligent remarks his negative review sparkedboth pro and anti this book and there isn t anything i can add to the discussion that hasn t already been said by people far wiser than little old me but because the review made me think about this book i decided to add my two cents and that s all it is just some thoughts about a book i haven t read in years but remember really liking and feel for some reason compelled to defend the assertions that this book is misogynistic demand a response patrick batelman kills women he also kills men and animals if he could kill a robot i guarantee you he would give it a try is there something i am not understanding here he s a serial killer misogyny is really the least of his character flaws and even if he is misogynistic it is the character that is misogynistic not the book which does not portray him as a hero of any kindand even the people who are not killing other people are pretty shitty bret easton ellis and neil labute should probably never hang out because it would be a real downerthe fact that this novel is written in first person means that everything is happening through a sociopathic filter it is only one character s perspective and things are going to necessarily be dark dark dark because of this did i mention he is a serial killer and not a cuddly one like dexter eitherand if you tally it all up he kills the exact same number of men as women but some of the women get extravagant murders is this what makes it misogynistic or is this simply a standard of the genrein the eighties when i was a little girl i would wander through the video section of this department store while my mom paid for stuff and the horror section was the one that always drew me over to get my little frisson of creepiness and back in the 80 s before movies became a little subtle every single vhs box featured a girl in a bikini covered in blood or a men s dress shirt without trousers screaming this is just how the horror genre rolls women girlsare portrayed as vulnerable targets for the killer i m not saying it s the healthiest of all genres for the socializing of our people but that s just the way it is baby and the genre has certainly become sophisticated even in the slasher subsection of horror but at the time these were horror s rulesand i know i know the rat scene when i first read this book that scene made me have to take a little break put the book down and stare at something safe since then i have read much much worse in books but at the time it really affected me and how awesome is that from a book from a reader s perspective it is amazing that a book was able to give me such a visceral reactionfrom a writer s perspective honestly at that point in the narrative it was the only thing he could do to show bateman s escalation i hate to say nothing else would do but at that point the desensitization has taken root pretty deep in the reader and the only way to increase the tension is something unprecedented and monstrousand i totally agree with pb s reaction to seeing the bookseller s placard regarding the book but just because it appeals to men who probably already have these feelings towards women does that make the book to blameand really aren t there just as many damaged women who buy into this shit tucker max is i think as dangerous to women as bateman but there are tons of women throwing themselves at him if there weren t women in this world with no problem being exploited there would be no girls gone wild i m not saying that world wouldn t maybe be better but it s not the world we haveit is so easy to have a knee jerk reaction to this book it is but it isn t even the most disturbing book on the block joyce carol oates has a book called zombie and there is of course cows which caris has just endured the one boris vian book i read was pretty rough it s not a new story but i like the way ellis tells it the bestand it is than 50 pages of chopping girls up it is about the way he chops them up at first you are on board because it is a book and you knew what you were getting into reading a book called american psycho you bought it you thought it would be entertaining did you well how do you like this still here okay now i am going to throw this at you still retaining your readerly disconnect what about this yeah it s the rat scene still with us yeah i didn t think so writer winsit is the same experiment as the movie funny games i have seen the original and the american and was bored by both of them this is because i am able to compartmentalize my emotions when i read and when i watch movies the message of those films yeah i totally understand and i admire them for being made but lord are they ever boring to watch but the same thing there for people who were traumatized by funny games you know what it was about when you went to see it if you were appalled by how it felt to basically watch a snuff film maybe you should have gone to see something else the best moment in this book is the abrupt switch from first to third person i love this nick cave does it and better in and the ass saw the angel and i love the dizzying effect it has on the reader the moment where you have to stop and say oh yeah this motherfucker is crazyi don t think bret easton ellis is a great writer but i think with this one he accidentally wrote a great bookor at least effective can i call it effective any book that can cause such polarized reactions from readers is wonderful in my eyesthat was probably than two cents but i am feeling pretty flush today

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