Title : The Babylon Rite
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 353 pages
Publisher : Tom Knox

The new high concept thriller from Tom Knox which weaves together past and present terrors in an intense page turnerIf you dig up hell you uncover evilEdinburgh a famous Templar historian dies mysteriously at the Rosslyn chapel setting journalist Adam Blackwood on a uest for the truth to the Templar sites of Europe Meanwhile in London several young people from the international party set commit suicide in very bizarre circumstancesPeru Ten thousand miles away anthropologist Jess Silverton is digging up the world’s most terrifying ancient civilization the Moche a people mired in blood ritual and human sacrifice But it seems that their ancient practices may not be entirely buried and forgottenThe Adam and Jess will both be thrown into mortal danger as it emerges that the suicides the Templars and the sinister rituals of the Moche are all linked by a chilling secret – the secret that uite literally kills