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Free download Histoire des treize ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The Girl with the Golden Eyes purporting to be the history of a secret society laid the found. To give this book the credit it deserves read and project yourself back to the time in which it was written And then examine closely the statements that Balzac is making many of which are so relevant today Just as the writing of Thoreau has today s young readers gob smacked at his relevance to present day thought Balzac s stories are teeth grittingly reflective of today s world particularly Paris I loved this book despite the fact that it really skirts around paying off on its title These mysterious superheroes have other lives in other of his books at least 4 of them being named Don t read the IntroductionPreface till you finish the book Balzac and his editorstranslators did not know how to attach Spoiler Alert to their works Read this as a child but now re reading all the Balzacs in my library before donating to locals

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Free download Histoire des treize ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This trilogy of stories Ferragus Chief of the Companions of Duty The Duchesse De Langeais and. The History of the Thirteen purports to be the story of a secret society but in actuality its of study of society and various types of love First a note on the general nature of Balzac s work Balzac was an author with wide ranging concerns Balzac is at his best when he s making observations about society and talking about Paris at large the strata of society the types of people living in it how they interacted with each other Some observations are very clever One great line is when he says some streets are like mermaids they have beautiful heads but their ends are very fishy He s very good at slotting people into society of evoking muddling officials couettes dangerous men and everyone else you might encounter under the sun What Balzac is best at is creating uick sketches of the world and how various people live in it and see it Conseuently Balzac is at his best on tangents when he decides to set aside the plot and do his own thing One general comment his treatment of women is pretty standard for Victorian times but still frustrating There s a double standard between the sexes where the men can be virtuous and great while sleeping with whomever they want but the women who even flirt with a bunch of men deserve to go to hell The men get off the hook the women end up heartbroken and dead Ferragus was the first tale in the volume a tale of a seemingly perfect wife a husband who begins to have suspicions and a third shadowy elderly figure There is a bit of intrigue in the middle but most of this story is just plain bad The plot is melodramatic and easily predictable The characters are not really fleshed out in any meaningful way The end is at first utterly clich contrived and insipid and then oddly discordant and digressive A parody of the Paris bureaucracy doesn t really fit into this boilerplate story about jealousy The Duchesse de Langais is interesting in terms of character and plot A man who has explored the world and faced great dangers falls in love with a couette a flirtatious woman who plays with men s hearts The story explores the dangerous tug of war between the wills and hearts of those two I m of two minds when it comes to the treatment of women in this story I can t decide if the Duchesse s sudden change of heart toward Armand is plausible given her character or if it is just a way for Balzac to dish out some poetic justice Maybe it s a bit of both Finally the Girl With the Golden Eyes is easily the best of the lot The beginning of this story is virtuosic a summary of the people of Paris their classes their whims their worries their looks and fashions This is a tremendous summary of the people of Paris their motivations and their works That so much is packed into such a short space is simply amazing The rest of the story isn t uite as strong but it s not bad The middle is pretty good as well invoking raw passion and sensuality and the twist ending is shocking and powerfulThis volume had three stories in it of wildly varying uality some uite bad others great That makes rating this uneven collection tough I d like to give The Girl With Golden Eyes five stars and Ferragus one Duchesse is probably three and a half stars so it averages out at about three

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Free download Histoire des treize ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ation for Balzac’s Scenes of Parisian Life and is a stunning evocation of all ranks of socie. Thirteen powerful men are part of a secret society above and beyond the law This book is a collection of three short stories from La Comedie Humaine

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