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READ Euro By J. E. Stiglitz J. E. Stiglitz ´ 1 REVIEW SUMMARY È SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ J. E. Stiglitz S listed Please double check. Anyone who cares to be informed when voting needs to get a grounding in economic concepts While this book is about how the Euro is a muddle that needs to be reformed or abandoned such arguments need to be made against a background of economicsOne thing is clear from the author who is a Nobel Laureate ex chief economist at the World Bank but nevertheless a strong opponent of neoliberalism is that what we have been doing since Reagan and Thatcher s changes have been disastrous for most people Clearly this does not mean that people accept the evidence Both Tory and New Labour were exactly the same in this as was and is the ECB And there is the heart of the problem A successful economy needs to be than one in which GDP increasesThe majority have gone backwards which has lead to poor economic growth and the rise of the popular rightAs mentioned in my headline the Chapter on Brexit is worth the cost of the book It is frankly the best piece I have read on it Not least because is calmly points out the problems for the angry people who did not and still will not accept the result of the referendum Europe cannot stay still It is not a panacea and political structures that it needs to make it a success are missing and there is no appetite to deal with themHighly recommended It is not dry or academic It is actually tragic that our media do not get people like the author on TV instead of opinionated journalists and MPs who clearly have no experience in economics or have a clue about how an economy works We would all be better informed

READ Euro By J. E. Stiglitz

READ Euro By J. E. Stiglitz J. E. Stiglitz ´ 1 REVIEW SUMMARY È SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ J. E. Stiglitz ISBN carefully before orderin. How anyone came up with the idea of having a common currency without first having political union is beyond me it was just one big bad experiment which is turning out badly for countries who desperately need to devalue but can t It won t end well for anyone because one it starts to falter it ll be a house of cards with Germany and The Netherlands last to go but go they certainly will The EU zone has one fate downturn


READ Euro By J. E. Stiglitz J. E. Stiglitz ´ 1 REVIEW SUMMARY È SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ J. E. Stiglitz BRAND NEW Exactly same ISBN a. I ve read this book twice It has a lot of good information especially about the crack pot policies pursued in the eurozone during its period of crisis around 2010 The author is pretty critical of the economic decisions made to deal with Greece and the other countries that struggled Overall this is a good informative discussion For example he lays out the very obvious problem with the lack of exchange rate flexibility that plagued countries desperate to improve their trade balances He explains how the policies pursued austerity internal devaluation were disastrous I came away with heavy suspicions on whether the eurozone is truly an economic partnership or just an opportunity for stronger members to take advantage of the weakerThe author does take some liberties in his assessment of the underlying cause of the eurozone s problems He blames neoliberal ideology but doesn t spend any time wrestling with the ideas or explaining how they might have been implemented differently to help them work The free market is a great asset to an economy unfortunately the orchestrated approach set into place by the eurozone s powers is what made this experiment suffer as it has With that said the book discussed a very trying time in our world s economy being the aftermath of the Financial Crisis I think a little caution is in order before making the conclusion that free market capitalism was the cause of the crisis pg 247 and therefore shouldn t be trustedThe real value of this book is in the early sections on pointing out what the eurozone s current problems are and walking through the poor policy making done to remedy the situation The latter part of the book is what the author thinks ought to be done to make things better His system of importexport chits is interesting but almost sounds too simplistic and a means of government trying to manipulate trade levels in order to fine tune economic health Centrally planned options like this almost never succeed Country or region specific euros How is this much different than going back to separate currencies I found entire chapters eg Ch 10 unhelpful as the author attempts to explain for example how Greece can reestablish its own credit market despite not having any savings to jumpstart the system His answer is that credit nowadays is just often created out of thin air soit ll be alright He builds a lot of suggestions off of shaky assumptions throughout the last third of the bookWith all this said it is overall a decent book and will sit on my shelf for some time It s an interesting read and will help you hold your own should someone bring up the pretentious uestion of will the eurozone survive at a cocktail party Just look at them stupefied and say not if the Troika thinks internal devaluations will ever truly replace the benefits of exchange rate flexibility

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