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The Sky Below review à 3 free read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Scott Parazynski review The Sky Below Ace readers will experience the life of an elite athlete physician and explorerThis intimate compelling account offers a rare portrait of space exploration from the inside A global nomad raised in the shadow of NASA’s Apollo missions Parazynski never lost sight of his childhood dream to one day don a spacesuit and float outside the airlock With deep passion unbridled creativity resilience humility and self deprecation Parazynski chases his dream of the ultimate adventure experience again and again and again In an era that transitione. The most important factoid to latch onto with this nonfic is that Scott Parazynski s an even bigger self involved ignoramus than I am And that s saying typing a lot Hey dudejust a thought here maybe in the moment it s super duper cool climbing Mount Everest to further boost your already inflated ego but being with your kids is actually way cooler You should ve tried it out some Oh I forgot That would have cut into your all encompassing me time Two stars only for throwing in a random but clever callback to Spinal Tap Otherwise Wiggity wack W I G G I T YW A C K YupI just did that

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The Sky Below review à 3 free read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Scott Parazynski review The Sky Below “Scott Parazynski’s drive curiosity inventiveness and great humor shine through the pages of The Sky Below and will certainly inspire future generations to pursue their dreams with every fiber in their being” John Glenn NASA astronautAn epic memoir from a man whose life is defined by exploration and innovation The Sky Below re creates some of the most unforgettable adventures of our time From dramatic high risk spacewalks to author Scott Parazynski’s death defying uest to summit Mount Everest his body ravaged by a career in sp. Seriously the worst I hope I never meet Scott Parazynski I got this as a Kindle First book because I wanted to try out the Kindle in Motion feature That part was cool though I hate reading with the Kindle app on my phone I liked the photos and movies added in The rest was awful I realize that people write memoirs when they ve done great things with their lives but I came away thinking that my life is crap and I ll never amount to anything I think a memoir should leave you in awe and excited about how cool someone is Scott s whole book is Blah blah blah I am amazing and my life is amazing and everything was handed to me on a silver platter and I saved the world and I am awesome So not fun to read I was also severely disappointed in his discussion of his daughter s autism He gushed about his amazing son all the time But every time he brought up his daughter it was to say how disappointed he was that she would never have a normal life and how her autism was the wedge that drove his first marriage apart I understand that having a kid with autism could be challenging but don t be such a stereotype It also really bugged me how much he just did whatever he wanted to do instead of trying to balance his life with his first wife s It makes me mad that we glorify people who do whatever they want without thinking of how it affects other people s lives It s also in present tense which is really jarring There were many other things I despised about this book but just in case you want to read it I won t give anything away

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The Sky Below review à 3 free read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Scott Parazynski review The Sky Below D from moon shots to the Space Shuttle space station and Mars research Parazynski flies with John Glenn tests jet packs trains in Russia to become a cosmonaut and flies five missions to outer space including seven spacewalks in his seventeen year NASA careerAn unparalleled visceral opportunity to understand what it’s like to train for and deploy to a home in zero gravity The Sky Below also portrays an astronaut’s engagement with the challenges of his life on Earth including raising a beautiful autistic daughter and finding true lov. Didn t finish it Spoiler alertFrankly gave up on this memoir because even though I did read most of it the personality of the author just started to turn me against any sympathy for him at all Perhaps if I were a guy and not a mom I could have overlooked his selfishness

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