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A Good Old Fashioned Future Summary À 108 Bruce Sterling ¿ 8 Read Download µ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¿ Bruce Sterling Of mercs and gunrunners set in Finland to a stark vision of a post atomic netherworld in his haunting tale Taklamakan Bruce Sterling once again breaks boundaries breaks icons and breaks rules to unleash the most dangerously provocative and intelligent science fiction being written todayContents Maneki Neko 1998 Big Jelly 1994 with Rudy Rucker The Littlest Jackal 1996 Sacred Cow 1993 Deep Eddy 1993 Bicycle Repairman 1996 Taklamakan 1998Cover illustration by Eric Dinye. I am now completely convinced that Bruce Sterling should not write novels His short stories are so much better than any long form writing that he s ever published that I don t understand why he doesn t write Compiling seven stories written during the tumultuous nineties Sterling offers his strongest work to date Clear visions of probable futures that are far concise and far less meandering than his normal workThe collection opens with Maneki Neko in which Sterling unfolds a future world where life is aided by a vast computer network of anonymous members who provide little pick me ups when needed from baby clothes for an expectant mother to advice on where to get your hair cut But woe unto anyone who tries to sabotage the networkThen there s Big Jelly a piece co written with Rudy Rucker Probably the weakest story in the bunch about a pair of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs set to make a killing with organic underground slime and computer models of jellyfish The Littlest Jackal introduces a familiar Sterling character Leggy Starlitz of Zeitgeist as he attempts to set up a money laundering operation on a chain of Finnish islands that are about to erupt in revolutionary bloodshed Likewise Deep Eddy introduces us to a world where Hakim Bey s theoretical Temporary Autonomous Zones run wild in Dusseldorfuick reading for anyone interested in seeing where we re going and where we ve been Even a decade since this collection was put together it still seems visionary even though the concepts put forth seem closer to reality than ever

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A Good Old Fashioned Future

A Good Old Fashioned Future Summary À 108 Bruce Sterling ¿ 8 Read Download µ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¿ Bruce Sterling From the subversive to the antic the uproarious to the disturbing the stories of Bruce Sterling are restless energy filled journeys through a world running on empty the visionary work of one of our most imaginative and insightful modern writersThey live as strangers in strange lands In worlds that have fallen or should have They wage battles in wars already lost and become heroes and sometimes martyrs in their last ditch efforts to preserve the dignity and individuali. As a big Sterling fan I must admit that this is not his best work but they are a uite enjoyable set of stories I did not care much about the connections between the stories honestly Also Sterling s style does not mesh well in collaborations I did not enjoy Difference Engine much eithe rfor example and the collaborative story on artificial jellyfish was a flop because of that I don t know who was responsible for the jerky dialogue in that really irked me However from being a visionary point of view those things autonomous gel based biorobots are being actually done at the moment so he really understands Zeitgeist no wonder he has a book with that nameOne thing I really enjoy in Sterling s books is the travelogue angle as he actually does this professionally it just adds another significant uality to his stories Moreover he really understands other cultures for example in Zeitgeist he really understood the situation in Cyprus which really amazed me back then as it is such a complex set of events I m Turkish thus I m pretty familiar with Cyprus In this collection it was the same with Finland even though I was there only once he was able to create the proper attitude for Finnish person Not many people can do thisOverall the stories as always with his books were chokeful of interesting ideas and weird projections It did not have the effect of Distraction or Schishmatrix which makes me shudder each time when I think about it but I do not regret reading it at all

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A Good Old Fashioned Future Summary À 108 Bruce Sterling ¿ 8 Read Download µ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¿ Bruce Sterling Ty of humanity A hack Indian filmmaker takes the pulse of a wounded and declining civilization 21st century Britain A pair of swashbuckling Silicon Valley entrepreneurs join forces to make a commercial killing in organic underground slime and computer generated jellyfish A man in a Japanese city takes orders from a talking cat while pursuing a drama of danger and adventure that has become the very essence of his lifeFrom The Littlest Jackal a darkly hilarious thriller. My favourite stories are Maneki Neko and Bicycle Repairman

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