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  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • A Pale Horse
  • Charles Todd
  • English
  • 14 July 2018
  • 9780061233562
A Pale Horse

Charles Todd Û 6 Download Read & Download ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Charles Todd Free read A Pale Horse Truth about their neighbors and who is twisting itHere is a puzzle reuiring all of Rutledge's daring and skill for there are layers of lies and deception while a ruthless killer is determined to hold on to freedom at any cost And the pale horse looming overhead serves as a reminder that death is never finished with anyone least of all the men who fought in the trenches of France. Recommended Have readlistened to several in series Lead is a troubled soul but a pitbull detective makes for an interesting read or listen your choice No gore graphics some language Audio done well as usual by Simon Prebble 2008

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Charles Todd Û 6 Download Read & Download ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Charles Todd Free read A Pale Horse In the ruins of Yorkshire's Fountains Abbey lies the body of a man wrapped in a cloak the face covered by a gas mask Next to him is a book on alchemy which belongs to the schoolmaster a conscientious objector in the Great War Who is this man and is the investigation into his death being manipulated by a thirst for revengeMeanwhile the British War Office is searching for a missin. Not a review so much as a commentary a uiet rant some observations a few complaints and perhaps to paraphrase Socrates to gently blame the Todds for all of the followingLet me say first and again and I blame the Todds for this too I LOVE this series But I have observed and must say Why are all the villagers townsfolk suspects witnesses and even victims invariably hostile unfriendly secretive stubbornmanipulative obfuscating resentful and uncooperative to the extreme whenever Rutledge tries to get to the bottom of a murder of one of their own A person is murdered most foully in their very midst and they nearly to a man and woman blame the Inspector for disrupting their lives by trying to find out who done it This has been a pattern in every book so fardo the Todds really want to cast rural England in such an unflattering light Why too are the local authorities nearly always imbued with the same attributes of the above villagersand I might add jealously territorial and sometimes criminally obstructive to Rutledge s investigations as well Their attitude is somewhat understandable and some of it even forgivable but it is a bit much nevertheless Why is a man as lovely and good as Ian Rutledge so often alone and unsupported by friends and family Yes I know his sister loves him dearly as does his godfatherhis parents are in only one book that I remember The authors have chosen to have him struggle w loneliness and depression and to have lost his best friend in the war and to deliberately cope w all this alone But some support from somewhere wouldn t weaken the plot The whole shellshock thing and Haemish s character are excellent plot elements and it s been barely a year since Rutledge s release from the hospital but do all things personal for him have to be so grim The one woman he meets and shares mutual attraction with declares their future together a non starterreally And in this book he hears of a death of another who once was close to him Naturally he assumes guilt for that too Honestly considering the unremitting stress this man is under the fact that he hasn t gone through wsuicide is miraculous The authors are stretching the bounds of reality by piling on beyond what any human would be able to survive By now some evolvement should be occurring And why oh why does he have to suffer the endless scorn and enmity of that blasted Bowles Rutledge has been sent on 10 mission impossibles and solved EVERY LAST ONE But does he ever get credit a well done any acknowledgement at all No just complaint and criticism and another crime to solve that will be complicated political and sticky wickety Why can t Bowles s superiors figure out that this man is GOOD and deserves a promotion And when is that rat Bowles going to get his anyway It s past timeThanks for listening I feel better now Can t wait for the next one

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Charles Todd Û 6 Download Read & Download ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û Charles Todd Free read A Pale Horse G man of their own someone whose war work was so secret that even Rutledge isn't told his real name or what he didThe search takes Rutledge to Berkshire where cottages once built to house lepers stand in the shadow of a great white horse cut into the chalk hillside The current inhabitants of the cottages are outcasts too hiding from their own pasts Who among them is telling the. A Pale Horse like all the Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries is well crafted beautifully written and full of the subtleties of human nature But Rutledge himself is the lynchpin that holds the stories together From the very first book in the series the notion of a shell shocked policeman back from the fields of France and trying to hold his own among his walking nightmares has fascinated me The darkness of his past is finely balanced by the inspector s integrity and courage as well as by the often endearing Scottish ghost who has taken up residence in his mind A subtle and endlessly creative series of books