Title : Antarctica: Secrets of the Southern Continent
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 400 pages
Publisher : small-houses.ru
Language : English
ISBN : 1554073987

The geology ecology and biology of the continent for peace and science This comprehensive fully illustrated and reader friendly book honors the International Polar Year 2007 08 with a spectacular range of information on Antarctica and the Antarctic Islands the world's harshest environment Antarctica features up to date material from an expert team of scientists expeditioners and historians Included are than 600 photographs illustrations and maps Among the topics covered are Prehistory of Antarctica Geology and geography Flora and fauna Climate and the nature of ice The Antarctic ozone hole The explorers Current scientific research Conservation issues The impact of global warming The Sub Antarctic Islands Detailed information is found on current issues of land law and treaties shipping resource exploitation and tourism Also included are the Antarctic Treaty a gazetteer and a bibliography Front page news reports cover the relative health of Antarctica This authoritative book could not be timelier