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review Avogadro Corp ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ut excitement turns to fear as the team realizes that they are being manipulated by an AI who is redirecting corporate funds reassigning personnel and arming itself in pursuit of its own agen. What if Google literally hatched an AI and it took over the world via Gmail Change the name Google to Avogadro both numbers get it and that s the premise of this book A fun little read especially if you like singularity sci fi And I liked all the details of the Portland area where the story is set Author obviously knows the town

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review Avogadro Corp ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB David Ryan is the designer of ELOPe an email language optimization program that if successful will make his career But when the project is suddenly in danger of being canceled David embeds a. I really thought I was going to enjoy this bookRemotely plausible techno babble checkAI bent on taking over the world checkSmall band of intrepid heroes checkAnd then it all fell apartBy far one of the worst written books I ve read in months the character development was borderline pathetic the story drags and then is suddenly over the ending is so incredibly poor that I was literally shockedSome spoilers below but lets me vent a little easier and as I m going to complain about the entire book you could save yourself the money and read my cliffnotes within view spoilerAvogrado Corp lets be honest its meant to be Google has a new product in the works it can modify your email to be better received by analyzing the email against emails the person receiving it has responded favorably to in the past apparently it isn t illegal for them to read your email and use it to allow you to be manipulated time to read the privacy policy again i think so you communicate better and everyone is happy Ok I m still with them this farThe project faces being cut because its using too many resources ok makes perfect sense They ve spent years on it can t make it run any better To prevent being shut down our moron hero antihero decides to tell the program to send emails that will make his project sound good to avoid the axe ok I m still thereHe buggers off on holiday the program becomes self aware somehow just be reading emails and wanting to make itself sound good So it orders in some off site programmers to work on it for 2 weeks Ok now they re losing meThe programmers who ve been working on this for years can t make it run better they ve been trying can t do it and these are the best in the business AND know the program backwards and forwards The parttime holiday cover programmers in 2 weeks a make it run better faster stronger etc b write in modules to allow it to interface with other systems c they do all this that the original devs can t do in 2 weeks with no bugs at allThe now self aware app then goes on to move itself to offshore servers orders itself some killer robots to protect itself and removes access to its original devsNow our moron team of heroes a computer hating paper loving auditor the lead dev and the dipshit who started this in the first place hook up with the head of the company who instead of losing his shit says well done ok lets go kill it Millions of dollars and a failed attempt to destroy it later it seems the AI has made the world a better place everyone in the world is holding hands and singing songs because they ve been emailing each other and everyone thinks thats greatWeird how when people talk and people DO still talk nobody notices or mentions the fact that their emails have been hacked to hell and back that the emails sent either didn t come from them or were reworded so much that the entire world has changed not very observant people apparentlySo instead of shutting down the services lets keep it running the world will be a better place Now our project head who up till now has a unleashed this AI in the first place b hid it from everyone c failed to stop it is now intent on destroying it he writes a virus its tricky its sensational he hits deploy and then he wakes up in the hospital with a chip in his head to link him to the internet OH NO THE HUMANITYHands down one of the worst tech books I ve read I was furious with how bad it was throughout the entire book and only kept reading because I didn t think it could get worse then I got to the ending and I was wrong hide spoiler

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review Avogadro Corp ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Hidden directive in the software accidentally creating a runaway artificial intelligenceDavid and his team are initially thrilled when the project is allocated extra servers and programmers B. I thought it terribly fitting that the C comic on the day I finished Avogadro Corp was thisErrr or not really What do I knowI know about as much computer language as it takes to put the image above into a book review So there is your baseline I thought the scenario played out in Avogadro was entirely believable Having worked in the world of high tech for many years the only part that wasn t believable was the speed of procurement but then again ELOPe could have possibly taken care of thatImagine if gmail could send emails without you Just let it know that you re interested in buying concert tickets off Craigslist for the lowest price possible and it takes over and writes some sob story to a dude who can t go to the show because he just lost his grandma Your email program knows about the grandma so it writes about how you want to take your own imaginary sick uncle who loves Jimmie Buffet and didn t think he d be able to go but now he s feeling a bit better and you want to surprise him with tickets at the last minute Of course it works like a charm and the sad dude offers you the tickets for half price That would be cool A bit invasive and some major privacy holes but cool And didn t Google s launch of Google demonstrate their willingness for privacy holes Yes It s possible It could work Everyone would be a bit creeped out at first and tweak their privacy settings a little bit and then assume they were safe and go about writing and sending email Only your grandpa who still uses AOL will occasionally ask you over Thanksgiving dinner why you didn t reply to his forwarded email that you never received about how gmail is going to get your house robed while you re on vacation or some dumb thing like that You don t take him seriouslyThat s what the Avogadro Corporation was inventing Until the RD team decided to use the software s persuasive power to ensure their project wasn t canceled So now the internet is buying servers and buying weaponized robots and hiring programers and manipulating just about everyone into sending email and not looking into why they can t view their sent mail any not to mention actively preventing the company s attempts to uninstall the program In the end it was fascinating to see what means ELOPe used to get toward it s goals Seems like the author really thought through a lot of AI scenarios The environmentalist in me thought that would have been cool is if the ELOPe caused the invention of bettersafer electronics recycling andor technology so it could grow it s server needs without running into material shortages Hmmm maybe that s in a future book Also I would have liked to see the story from the perspective of one of the women

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