Title : Basalt Nyrïach Book #1
Format : Paperback
Pages : 440 pages
Publisher : A.S. Olsoune
Language : English
ISBN : 9781468091311

Most freshmen only have to worry about getting to class on time and keeping their heads down Most freshmen don't find out that their best friend of many years has suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth worry about crushing on said best friend's girlfriend narrowly escape being murdered or uestion their sanity when voices start talking in their head But Colin Basalt is not most freshmenOver the next few months Colin's about to discover exactly how crazy life can get and realize how many impossible things are possible after all What he always thought of as fiction including a building with a devious mind of its own three shape changing assassins and dangerous parallel realities plagued by war is actually part of an ancient inheritance he and his friends are doomed to acceptAnd that's only the half of it; as Colin will soon learn there's a disturbing amount of truth in ignorance is bliss and a simpler life doesn't necessarily mean a safer one