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Big Sky Standoff review í 103 Avage The cowboy wasas cocksure and adventurous as ever He had oldscores to settle and Jacklyn was there to make surehe didn't stray from his path Only she didn't knowthat she was first in li. I love how BJ Daniels isn t afraid to kill people off Her stories are always action packed with badass female characters I couldn t put this one down until the end which just sucked I hated the sappy end and the blatant tie ins to other books Maybe this is a harleuin thing Probably I think I ll imagine my own ending Jack is no relation to Hud and Jack and Dillon don t move to Whitehorse Shade left the farm to Dillon instead of slicing out Dillon s old homestead to a ranch for troubled teens Jack keeps her job and she and Dillon enjoy a nice steak dinner every Sunday with the children they may or may not have Shade s ghost haunts the place for a few weeks knocking things over and putting bulletholes in the side of a barn until reda s ashes are scattered in the old swimmin hole they used to skinny dip in Reda s ranch becomes a ranch for troubled old ladies that like to gossip while they go horseback riding Take that harleuin

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Big Sky Standoff review í 103 There was a standoff brewing between Dillon Savageand cattle inspector Jacklyn Wilde Toe to toe theywere an eual match but together they were animperfect pair After four long years they were. Dillon Savage has just received an early release from prison by the same cattle inspector who put them there Why To help her find and bring to justice a group of rustlers she thinks are still working under his orders But Dillon thinks he was framed the first time and he has no idea who is stealing the cattle this time around How can he convince Jacklyn Wilde That s the real job he facesBut what he has to keep under control is his attraction to the law enforcement officer Then they begin to uncover clues that convince him that the rancher who took the neighboring ranch from his late father But who is the leader Gradually Dillon begins to eliminate the former friends who could have set him upAnd when first one and then a second local rancher turn up dead the stakes go sky high It s no longer cattle rustling now it s murder How can Dillon and Jacklyn get to the bottom of the mystery before they too are done away with

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Big Sky Standoff review í 103 Hittingthe open range again to bring justice to a lawless landAttached at the hip until a rustling ring was bustedthey had to make the best of a bad situation Butthe real trouble was Dillon S. Big skyI like reading books with Montana land marks Good plot kept me guessing until the end I will be looking for B J Daniels books

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