Title : Bittersweet Moments Moments in Time #3
Format : ebook
Publisher : Dori Lavelle
Language : English

Can the embers of an old life ignite the flames of a new loveSix years ago Melisa Bergfeld’s husband died As the grief of losing him tore into her she lost his last gift to her—their unborn child—and her hopes and dreams turned to ashesLeft with a life she no longer wants she seeks salvation in a homeless shelter For a while that’s than enoughBut when a fire breaks out in walks the man who will try to save her life—if she’ll let himFlorian “Heat” Dane has left behind a trail of broken hearts in his wake including pieces of his own For all the girls he’s used to fill the hole in his heart there has been just one he could never erase from his memories But when Melisa married his best friend Scott Bergfeld he knew she would never be his the way she’d been the one unforgettable night they spent together Now that she’s back in his life he will do anything to recapture her heart even if it means giving away his ownHeat still has the power to ignite passion in Melisa something she both desires and rejects He’s a known heartbreaker and if there is one thing Melisa doesn’t need it’s another crack in her heart But when he confesses his love for her she fears her secrets from the past will surface And she might be the one to break his heart this time