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Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î John Barth Chimera AUTHOR John Barth Free download ß 104 John Barth î 4 Free download For simple self respect like any common mortalBellerophon once a hero for taming the winged horse Pegasus must wrestle with a contentment that only leaves him wretch. Barthian treatments of mythological mainstays and ends up himself he the myth after all

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î John Barth

Chimera AUTHOR John Barth

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î John Barth Chimera AUTHOR John Barth Free download ß 104 John Barth î 4 Free download By the winner of the National Book Award and bestselling author of The Tidewater Tales three of the great myths of all time revisited by a modern master Dunyazade Sch. The truth about fiction is that Fact is a fantasy the made up story is a model of the world John Barth Chimera I seem to fall often backwards into Barth Chimera was on my radar barely but I didn t know much about it So I was lucky I guess to read it right after finishing Graves The Greek Myths Lucky stars or indulgent gods I guessAnywho John Barth retales tails tells two Greek myths and one Persian frame into an anachronistic book of three novellas Somewhat related but still a dance and music of prose I thought Dunyazadiad was a great set up It roared Funny tight and always a bit perverse and naughty Barth takes the story of Scheherazade from tales of the 1001 Nights and reframes the frame story then flips and pulls it By the end it felt a bit like watching a biche de mer sea cucumber vomit its intestines into a funky twin story I thought the second novella Persiad was pitch perfect The story is that of Perseus and the narrator s search for immortality The language rhythm jokes structure were flawless It seemed like a ball hit perfectly that hovers hums and hangs in space It was a story that seemed to bend the rules of literary gravity Like an ouroboros the tail of this story snakes around into a self eating circular POMO myth that ends in the stars or perhaps not The third and longest novella Bellerophoniad bleats bellows and tells the story of Bellerophon another Greek hero seeking sex drugs adventure and immortality like Perseus and the rest of us mere mortals and wannabe demigoddamwriters It was the emasculated goat of the trilogy but damn what a fine wether It didn t uite live up to its potential or my hope but contained enough genius to cause several PhD candidates to ruminate themselves into literary pretzels and precarious dissertations for the next 50 years

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Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î John Barth Chimera AUTHOR John Barth Free download ß 104 John Barth î 4 Free download Eherazade's kid sister holds the destiny of herself and the prince who holds her captivePerseus the demigod who slew the Gorgon Medusa finds himself at forty battling. Delusions of Demi Godlike GrandeurIn this collection of three chimerical novellas the middle aged author indulges his fantasies of virility and fears of impotency in the garb and guise of Tales of 1001 Nights and Greek mythological tales As an exercise in belletristic masturbation it s flop than master stroke To the artist himself however minor his talent imaginative potency is as crucial to the daily life of his spirit as sexual potencyDunyazadiad as Retold by John Barth in the Style of Robert CooverWhen we d had enough of each other s tongues and fingers Sherry and I called in the eunuchs maidservants mamelukes pet dogs and monkeys then we finished off with Sherry s Bag of TricksAfterwards Sherry kissed me and said dreamily Little Doony pretend this whole situation is the plot of a story we re reading and you and I and Daddy and the King are all fictional characters In this story Scheherazade finds a way to change the King s mind about women and turn him into a gentle loving husband It s not hard to imagine such a story is it Now no matter what way she finds whether it s a magic spell or a magic story with the answer in it or a magic anything it comes down to particular words in the story we re reading right And those words are made from the letters of our alphabet a couple dozen suiggles we can draw with this pen This is the key Doony And the treasure too if we can only get our hands on it It s as if as if the key to the treasure is the treasure As soon as she spoke these last words we suddenly found ourselves amid the library stacks of the humble tide water abode of a genie He didn t resemble anything to be found in our land or in Sherry s bedtime stories for one thing he wasn t frightening though he was strange looking enough a light skinned fellow of forty or so smooth shaven and bald as a roc s egg He was tall and healthy and pleasant enough in appearance He seemed as startled as we were His cheeks and nose were red flushed with embarrassment he looked at the stubby little magic wand he held in his fingers and smiled a friendly smile You should have seen him drop his pen for that magic wand which was in fact a magic uill which had shortly before contained a fountain of ink inside had just about run dry when we appearedSherry and I looked at each other The Genie didn t seem dangerous Like Shahryar s the Genie s life was in disorder Caught so blatantly in the act he wished neither to repudiate nor to repeat his performance he aspired to go beyond it toward a future he was not yet attuned to and by some magic at the same time go back to the original springs of narrative Presently he seized my sister s hand and dumbfounded us both by declaring his life long adoration of Sherry and me a declaration that brought blushes to our cheeks Our bespectacled host was a writer of tales he said in a land on the other side of the world from ours in which we now found ourselves His own fictions were mimicries pallid counterfeits of the authentic treasure of my sister s Thousand and One Nights He confessed I ve made use of it a thousand times if only to conjure up images of you both in my mind Evidently he was in this condition when we first translated to his landSo far from harboring a grudge against womankind like the gynocide that was ravaging our country he was distractedly in love with us his brace of until now imaginary new mistressesSherry said to the Genie You have it in your power to save my sisters and my country and the King too before his madness destroys him All you need to do is supply me from the future with these stories from the past I imagine you expect what every man expects who has the key to any treasure a woman needs Before the Genie had time to respond we reassured him that neither of us objected if this was his desire Indeed Sherry who was at least nominally committed to Sharyar proposed to the Genie I have to let Shahryar take me first after that I ll cuckold him with you every day at sunset if you ll tell me the story for the night to come Sherry took from her earlobe a gold ring worked in the form of a spiral shell The Genie accepted it joyfully vowing to spin from it if he could as from a catherine wheel or whirling galaxy a golden shower of fictionThen the Genie kissed us both the first male lips I d felt except Father s and the only such till yours and we three hugged each other excitedly all that night and for the next week until one morning I believe it was the seventh day he taught us the magnificent effect of a golden shower on his stubby little magic wandSherry said Making love and telling stories both take than good techniue but it s only the techniue that we can talk about The Genie agreed addressing himself to me Heartfelt ineptitude has its appeal Dunyazade so does heartless skill But what you want is passionate virtuosity We undressed and fell to toying with him And so it was that later as the Genie spun his tale that he revealed to us the marvelous Position of the Genie as we ll call it that even a man who s gone through virgins like breakfast eggs will think himself newly laid et cetera What s it s a position in which the woman does everything her master nothing except submit himself to a excruciating pleasure than he s ever known or dreamed of No is reuired of him than that he spread eagle himself on the bed and suffer his wrists and ankles to be bound to its posts with silken cords lest by a spasm of early joy he abort its heavenly culmination et cetera To be joyous in the full acceptance of this denouement is surely to possess a treasure the key to which is the understanding that Key and Treasure are the same There is the sense of our story the key to the treasure is the treasure Perseus with the Severed Head of MedusaPerseid as Retold by John Barth in the Style of Robert Coover Perseus It s after midnight I m twenty five and scared Will you make love to me I m a hero I indicated with a sweep Virtuoso performance is my line of work I was no poet I reminded her merely a man with a tale to tell Lots of sex in this story I fetched her couchwardAnd tried Calyxa then and there on my altar couchI touched her lean little buttocks she flowed at once most womanly She was in rapture I don t say this out of vanityUsed as I was as king and mythic hero to a fair measure of respect I was unused to reverence I flopped after never once failing done Andromeda in seven thousand nights an alarming prospect for the nymphed eternity ahead You re leaving something out she venturedI supposed to her not unbitterly that nymphs like herself were accustomed to a rounder rogering from the deities they attendedWas I really so naive as to euate love making like a callow lad with mere prolonged penetrationCalyxa flipped my flunked phallus O you ll be heavenly once you re aroused I can see that It doesn t matter she said several times in each of the days and nights that followed It s just being with you I love Perseus it really is one of my dreams come true On the second morning one finger was permitted to touch her thigh Soon after she removed my dexter hand thereby putting an end to my idle handiwork it being an article of her creed even with deities to allow no sheepish merely dutiful clitorising Would it please you if I kissed your navel once again I asked goblet in hand Take a chance Guzzle and go down she instructed me I blushed and did Dutifully she opened but looked away the while none of her usual frank inspection of our coupled parts A little up and to your left My pert priestess was an astute guide to what pleased her Godhood was okayWhen I raised me up to watch whither hot Calyxa now I saw the same spiral stitched in purple on the bed And miracle of miracles when the sprite sprang nimbly aspread that nether spiral and drew to her tanned taut tummy dazzled me I perceived that her very navel rather than bilobular or uadrantic like the two others I best knew was itself spiriferate replicating the infinite inward wind both above and below the finite flesh on which my tongue now feastShe liked few pleasures than the chains of orgasms Ammon could set her catenating Never since my first nights with Andromeda so long years past had I couched so lively lean and tight a missCalyxa s skill bespoke much prior experience Gaily she enjoined me from pout Believe it or not I was a virgin till twenty two I d have moved off top to beside her better to manifest our parity but she had extraordinary gripShe spun to me merry faced and tear eyed and kissed me hard enough to fetch me at last full length into her precinct proper if only for a moment as I d thresheld once again my offertory But we were pleasedWith real appreciation I kissed her from crown to sole which flexily she enjoyed I stroked her out of dreams into drowsy liuefaction here it comes again climbed with her to our first full fillment She held my face close for examination while we finished pulsing I pleased her in my way uite as well as Ammon s frisk fierce fucksI did she did there is a surfeit of sex in the story no help for it we verged on much and didn t cross the verge No my merry priestess Calyxa solemnly sat up and by the light of the altar lamp watched me drip from her to the spiraled threadWhen she drifted back into the soundest of sleeps I left my priestess leaking love and tiptoed out Sorry love and good eveningBellerophoniad as Retold by John Barth in the Style of Robert Coover Bellerophon can have Corinth the way he has me by taking it whenever he wants to I Bellerophon rammed her Sibyl flat into the honeysuckle in the groveIn another telling our initial intercourse was a paradigm of assumed inevitability This latter vision was my first clear evidence that I was flying now above mere panorama into prescience It happens that our separate ways lead to the same bed where we spend a wordless tumultuous night together full of tumblings and flexings and shudders and such exciting enough to experience but boring to describeUnseemly Perversions Perpetrated or Recognised by the Author Several other things also perplex us sirnamely your unseemly perversion of professorial privilege to the ends of self aggrandisement andor abasement Plus it s a piece of male chauvinist phallus worshipI grew bored to death with BellerophonIt s not Mystery and Tragedy but confusion and fiasco d accord This endless story of yours An empty temple for an imitation hero Some dream of immortality It s preposterous not monstrous Even its metaphoric power is slight It goes without saying that this and everything else you say goes without saying Not mortal me but immortality was the myth To be read by a limited number of Americans not all of whom will finish or enjoy it If your immortality depends on this piece of writing you re a dead pigeonGot that Dad What marsh did you say we re falling into That tidewater s coming up fastThere s the sink there s the uag there s the slough of my despondSet me free of both the mire and the mythStop gnashing your teeth Take it or leave itIt s a beastly fictionFile Forget Throw back in the river No need to prosecute or replyNO DEPOSIT NO RETURNDum dee dee Heroes aren t what they used to be uit your thmirking ThtopHere s where I leave youGoodbyeSOUNDTRACKview spoilerJoe Walsh Turn To Stone Gang Walk Away hide spoiler