Title : .com: Crush Your Clutter Audible Audio Edition: Mary Carlomagno, Mary Carlomagno, Post Hill Press: Audible Books Originals
Format : Audiobook
Publisher : small-houses.ru

Crush Your Clutter is specifically designed to be enjoyed as an audiobook What is the secret to a clutter free life Is there a magic formula for getting your home your office and life finally in order The answer is yes but the change begins with you Here’s the thing Organizing is a skill It needs to be practiced to be perfected Just like you practice your daily maintenance routines like brushing your teeth walking the dog and caring for your family so should you organize And it begins with just 15 minutes a day The key is to recognize the external factors that affect why you accumulate things you do not need; why you can’t rid of clutter; why you are overscheduled; and why you have a fear of missing out The author has spent her life helping the chronically cluttered and disorganized change their bad habits and adopt new positive ones In her trademark straightforward and often humorous approach Carlomagno takes the listener through thought provoking exercises to discover the real reasons as to why we clutter After all it is rarely about the tasks or the stuff but how you decide to deal with it