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Cutting Loose in Paradise summary ä E-book, or Kindle E-pub Committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest But local hair stylist and single mom LaRue Panther has her doubts When part Seminole LaRue is cutting the dead womans hair in the casket. I like mysteries that are than plot puzzles they must have intriguing characters and a believable setting So I was delighted to discover this multi layered depiction of life on the Florida Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill and specifically of the tribulations of a single mother trying to support her children while coping with danger With in depth characterizations especially the depiction of protagonist LaRue Panther and her Seminole Indian grandmother with poetic language and with detailed settings Ms Ryals lifts her mystery to the level of literary fiction I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

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Cutting Loose in Paradise summary ä E-book, or Kindle E-pub She realizes the womans neck has been slashed and that there is no wound in the chest LaRue and her local friends a bartender and a journalist are on the case to find out what really happene. I read this book slowly because I enjoyed how the author weaved in a very significant event on the Gulf Coast BP oil spill with small town attitudes Her eye for detail is a gift And she used it well in character development I ll admit that I lost sleep over it staying up late reading and those characters are still creeping into my thoughts weeks after I finished A sign of a very good read

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Cutting Loose in Paradise summary ä E-book, or Kindle E-pub Cutting Loose in Paradise is a mystery novel set in a remote island full of uirky people off the northeast coast of Florida The story involves the death of a middle aged woman who supposedly. Cutting Loose in Paradise Pineapple Press 2015 by Mary Jane Ryals is a charming uirky Florida environmental mystery full of local color intriguing and uniue characters poetry uality language lushly evoked landscapes a twisty turny plot and just the right touch of wry humor Though the novelist Ryals is the author of several books of poetry and of general fiction this is her first mystery and she dives into the genre with bold grace and styleWhat makes Cutting Loose a standout in an increasingly crowded sub genre the uirky Florida environmental thriller is the deft and loving way Ryals writes For example Bright green eelgrass under the spring fed river swayed as if in slow motion A few bream swam past Above water the orange leafed cypress trees made islands in the middle of the river The Spanish moss draping them looked like ladies stockings drying languid in the sun Ospreys and even eagles soared over the swamp grass which looked like wheat spotted with small clearings where water lay reflecting the brilliant blue skyAs that passage illustrates Ryals gets the tone and the language and the pace just right in the descriptions of this island community and its peoples As well perhaps she should since she has lived near the northern Gulf coast of Florida most of her life and is the official Poet Laureate of the Big Bend of North Florida

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