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Read & Download Dog Soldiers 100 Ed in a big time drug deal But back in the States things go horribly wrong for him Dog Soldiers perfectly captures the underground mood of America in. Relentless and dirtyFirst published in 1973 Robert Stone s Dog Soldiers is a hip and groovy but graphic and ugly depiction of a time and a place when our culture our world was at a crossroads and Stone embraces the suck with the fervor of a Marine at Parris IslandFirst Stone describes the scene in language contextually correct for the time This has the feel and sound of a Dirty Harry film and behind the early 70s prose a reader can almost hear a Lalo Schifrin score grooving out in stacked heels and jiving with a denim jacket and a thick leather belt We get to know the protagonist an ostensible journalist in Vietnam who gets involved in a maladroit heroin deal that eventually and inevitably encompasses his familySecondly I could not help but compare

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Read & Download Dog Soldiers 100 In Saigon during the waning days of the Vietnam War a small time journalist named John Converse thinks he'll find action and profit by getting involv. Recently I read a fantastic new biography of the author Robert Stone written by Madison Smartt BellNaturally it inspired me to pick up a book by Stone and so I chose his 1975 National Book Award winning novel Dog SoldiersWowza Well it s fast paced it s engaging It s also super testosterone y war themed though most of the action has to do with a heroin drug deal gone terribly wrong and tough and full of hard edgesThe plot is pretty simple John Converse a mediocre war reporter in Vietnam agrees to smuggle a huge amount of heroin back to the US where his wife Marge will receive it and then with the help of army vet friend Hicks sell for profit Of course it all goes downhill from the get goI didn t like any of the characters Converse isn t particularly en

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë Robert Stone

Read & Download Dog Soldiers 100 The 1970s when amateur drug dealers and hippies encountered profiteering cops and professional killers and the price of survival was dangerously hig. Whenever I spy a cop car in my rearview mirror I feel like they might be coming after me If I step out of line they ll pull me over and that ll be it That I ve been ticketed twice for bullshit reasons driving through a one road town with shiny new cop cars for all with out of county plates type of reasons is neither here nor there It s all over The game is up What game Beats me I m probably fucking crazy I slow down to the absolute speed limit turn my music off grip the steering wheels and total panic in my brain I don t breathe until they pass me Yeah I have um anxiety problems I could probably worry about anything if I put my mind to it That it isn t impossible and bad shit happens all of the time is not a mind rester I felt something like that re

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