Title : Don't Drink the Water An EJ Pugh Mystery E J Pugh Mysteries
Format : Paperback
Pages : 177 pages
Publisher : Susan Rogers Cooper
Language : English
ISBN : 9780380805334

There is no love lost between novelistsometime sleuth EJ Pugh and her three sisters four high strung Texas redheads who have made sibling rivalry an art form In an attempt to ease their stretched thin family ties the ladies and their respective mates have rented a vacation home together on the Caribbean island of St John But reconciliation must take a back seat to crim detection when a waterlogged corpse is discovered clogging up the cistern of their stunning beachfront houseThe body belongs to a former employee of the dentist husband of sister Liz which leads the local police captain to surmise that the killer is a member of the clan especially after an exploding count up from one EJ however is not convinced And to the chagrin of her loving long suffering hubby Willis she's determined to salvage what's left of their vacation by exposing whomever is rapidly turning a family gathering into a wake in paradise