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Alexis Harrington ↠ 8 Read & Download Summary Allie's Moon 108 E for help she reluctantly turns to Jefferson Hicks an ex lawman who has fallen from grace a man who unexpectetly awakens her to desireand to dreams she believes she can never have Jeff Hicks has fallen as low as a man can But here at Allie's far. Althea Ford Allie is one of two sisters that was left the family farm Before her father passed away he made her feel that all the bad things that happened to the farm were her fault She felt guilty from things that were beyond her control Her younger sister Olivia played this dilemma to the hilt Allie was at wit s end when the local sheriff brought her a proposal The previous sheriff Jefferson Hicks had become the town drunk At one time Hicks had it all until he mistakenly killed a young boy His wife left him and because he couldn t abandon his nightmares he lost his job to the drinking Caught stealing he was given a choice work at the Fords farm for the rest of the season or go to jailAllie and Jef

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Alexis Harrington ↠ 8 Read & Download Summary Allie's Moon 108 They were two strangers alone in the world until they found the one precious thing that could heal their wounds each other's loveAlthea Ford lives alone with her invalid sister in a crumbling Oregon farmhouse burdened by sins of the past Desperat. Wow This was very nearly a five star read for me It s like a 475 Loved Allie and Jeff adored their story and was super impressed at how Harrington wrote the antagonists It s the third book I ve read by this author after Harper s Bride and Desperate Hearts and I liked it much than either of themLeft in charge of the family farm and her addled sister after her father s death Althea Ford is overworked and overwhelmed Against her better judgement but desperate for the help she s walked to town to hire the local drunken bully to fix her roof and plant her garden When he doesn t show up for the job the next day as they had agreed she complains to the local sheriff Her roof leaks time s ticking on garden pla

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Alexis Harrington ↠ 8 Read & Download Summary Allie's Moon 108 M his silent numb heart suddenly begins to beat again Drawn to this woman who is as much a prisoner of the past as he Jeff discovers the healing power of love But to claim it they must confront spiteful enemies determined to keep them apart forev. First book by this author I ve ever read It was pretty good It had a slight dark feel to it probably because of the dark issues it contained I m not a fan of romances that involve alcoholism It moved at a good comfortable pace and didn t get bogged down with a lot of filler so it was easy to read

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