Title : Dark Whispers
Format : Mass Market Paperback
Pages : 353 pages
Publisher : Marylyle Rogers
Language : English
ISBN : 9780671709525

RHODARE The peasants whispered that the Earl of Wythe's second son was the devil's child and this darkly brooding handsome knight was known as 'Demon Dare' Scarred by a father's wrong and unjust scorn rebellious Dare departed from England Returning to Wythe to claim his birthright he risked his honor to taste the sweet lips to touch the silken skin of his beloved forbidden AlyceALYCE Her father admonished her to hide her luxuriant auburn hair beneath a wimple and to tame her independent spirit And so she submittedto marry a boy child she had never seen and to live as a virgin bride Then she felt the fire in her blood lit by Demon Dare as he demanded her heartand her virtue was the price of his kiss As castle Wythe's gates swing open and the hoofbeats of a black steed thunder closer Rhodare and his Lady are carried towards the dark whispers of dangerand a glorious rendezvous with desire