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Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2

Read Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 Download Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Daylen is a cop and a good one When she discovers two men sword fighting in an alley during one of her nightly patrols she confronts them ordering them to put down their weapons One of the men takes off running surprising her with his speed With one man left she knows she'll have t. I was actually really enjoying this one for the majority of the book By no means was it a four star read but a solid 3 3 12 Then one scene was just too ridiculous for words and completely lost me and I stopped reading it because I was so annoyed and since all of the books are practically the same so I already knew the ending I was seriously tempted to give this 1 star but since I had been enjoying the book I had to give it 2 I spoilered what my issue was although it really was not a major plot pointview spoilerThere is absolutely no way that Daylen would have been able to beat Jager in a fight Cop or not she is not a werewolf and Jager is Jager has trained for CENTURIES and he got beat by a mortal I also seriously doubt that Jager would get tired after only a few minutes of fighting I thought these people trained for hours every day with their swords How could he get so tired so fast And he can t withstand a mortal s kick either WTF I get that Chenery likes to emphasize how completely special and amazing all of her mortal characters are this is another major pet peeve of mine with these books I understood when Daylen caught Jager off guard earlier in the book but that was only for a few seconds No way in a straight up fight would Daylen have even the remotest chance Chenery obviously wanted the reader to know that Daylen is no wilting flower and is a strong woman that can hold her own I can generally suspend my disbelief when reading especially when reading paranormals but this was too much for me hide spoiler

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Read Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 Download Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free O take him down when he ignores her demands With her suspect in her grasp her world turns upside down when he pins her to the ground and kisses her senselessJager knows no wilting flower werewolf or mortal would ever survive as his mate but this cop has all the right moves Her scen. Daylen is a responsible cop looking forward to getting some time off from pulling night shift duty when she stumbles upon two men sword fighting in an alley Jager is one of Roxie s Protectors a group of werewolves meant to protect the prophesized foretold one Jager is in the middle of taking down an enemy when Daylen interrupts There is an instant attraction but it goes beyond that when Jager realizes that Daylen is his mate But how do you convince the one you love that you belong together when she keeps trying to arrest youThis was a fun and sexy but very uick read The action scene at the end of the story felt a little incomplete and I would have liked a little development in the relationship between Jager and Daylen but I was happy to read about the updates on the other characters so I look forward to seeing of this couple in future installments This is book two in the Roxie s Protector s series and a spinoff of the Wulf s Den series but each book can be read as a stand alone The author makes it easy to catch up on the story but word of warning once you get to know the other characters you ll want to go back and read the rest of the series I m a fan now and will be picking up the rest of both series Also posted Happily Ever After Reviews

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Read Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 Download Jagers Mate Roxies Protectors #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free T leaves no doubt this mortal woman is his and after tasting her lips he knows claiming her will be a challenge The bigger problem however might be her obsession to arrest him whenever they meet As their passion flares he'll do anything it takes to make her his mateWord Count 35000. Daylen is a SFPD officer and loves her job But then one night during a routine patrol she sees a sword fight in a dark alley and ends up almost arresting her soul mate Jager for carrying a concealed weapon This reminds me of the Highlander TV show especially the first part I like this couple Daylen is going to make a wonderful addition to the group but the escape at the end was way too easy I expected Jager to be a little upset over his losing to Daylen but then I guess that just mean he s confident enough n his masculinity to not let it bother him Fave Scenes sword cuddling the wolf in the bathroom and Daylen Jager s one on one fight