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CHARACTERS Dream Sky 100 Nd before the flu can claim them too But there are not enough boats at the resort to get everyone to safety The only solution involves a risky trip to the mainland that may be even dangerous than remaining on the island In Mumbai Sanjay’s friends watch as the Project Eden survival station is abandoned Curious they search the facility once everyone has left They expect to find very little and at first they are right But only at first Ben Bowerman’s search for his girlfriend Martina Gable takes him to the only place left he thinks s. Each book Issa good as the first book of the series attention grabbing

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CHARACTERS Dream Sky 100 From thriller and suspense master Brett Battles comes Dream Sky the sixth book in the continuing Project Eden thriller saga A hush has settled over the planet The once dominant human race is in full retreat But man is not yet defeated Augustine dream sky These were Matt Hamilton’s last words Daniel Ash has no idea what they mean but he’s sure they are key to defeating Project Eden His only hope is that he’s able to figure out the secret in time The survivors on Isabella Island are surrounded by death and need to get off the isla. The End Begins In this longest book of the PROJECT EDEN series so far Brett Battles does a superb job of taking us from the shocking ending of EDEN RISING bringing the key players back together briefly as they figure out the enigmatic message that ended that book and setting up a truly global endgame Fraught with taut seuences that fill the reader with dread about the possible survival of characters you ve been following for several books now this book is arguably the single best book in the series of leaving the reader desperate to dive into the next book Fortunately for those of us late arrivers to this series the next and final book in this saga has already been published Bu

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CHARACTERS Dream Sky 100 He can be When he gets there he’s hurled into the unexpected where he begins to see the truth of what is really going on and knows if he doesn’t do something drastic his days are numbered And in an idyllic town covered by a blanket of snow all is uiet Except for the rotating suad of soldiers who watch and wait for a problem they believe becomes and unlikely as each day passes The world after all is uickly depleting But they are wrong Eden Rising is best read after completing volumes 1 5 Sick Exit 9 Pale Horse Ashes and Eden Rising. Not uite as good as some of the first ones and not always believable but have to know how it wraps up Last book coming up

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