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Summary Forbidden Hollister #2 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Eacher crazy but then he turns the tables on her Gage wants than just a few nights of passion If she won’t agree to date him she will never get than a kiss f. I thought this story was going to be epically hot Turns out it was just a sneak around novel with very little graphic detail In fact the first novel was a lot better Bummer

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Summary Forbidden Hollister #2 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Rom her handsome teacher and their forbidden relationship will die before it has a chance to begin Alyssa is determined but she might have finally met her matc. This was a fun little read uite a lot of sexual tension at the start but you may feel cheated by the actual business getting skipped over when they finally get down to it The author should consider doing an x rated version as an erotica short Coolest mother in the world though The high school principal scene was a big and fun surprise

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Summary Forbidden Hollister #2 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free New teacher Gage Hollis has a rough first day when one of his students catches his eye High school senior Alyssa Dawson makes it her mission to drive her new t. I ve recently read a few books featuring teenagers the YA NA genre is dominating the chick lit worldAnyway many of the books I read either feature damaged author s words protagonists or giggling childish bimbos This book was refreshing as the protagonist is a mature 18 year old which makes sense why an older man well he s only 22 would be interested in her I don t understand books where a giggling teen has caught the interest of an intelligent older man other than for nefarious purposes The story starts out rather silly and shallow However it develops into a good read towards the end There s very little teenage angst and over the top drama which hence adults can read this without experiencing homicidal intentions towards the heroine The heroine also doesn t go about judging other girls luts and so forth This sexist and misogynist attitude of judging women is paramount in YANA novels but this book has managed to avoid itAdditionally this book doesn t have a hero who goes about sleeping around only to henceforth give up all because he glimpsed our fair heroine He makes it very clear that his military father has taught him to respect women Anyway the author has improved since her first book flyboyThe book is short and the characters do reuire development particularly their relationship A few chapters on this would have sufficed However it s getting 5 due to the fact that I don t have to witness girls being described as luts on every page like most novels featuring young women

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