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review Bone Tongue 103 Bone Tongue is the anatomy of the sharpest rose It is sculpted from each petal's sleeping body This is a collection of diary entries from the poet when she was suffering from severe clinical depression and it gathers the repetition of every ache into a filig.

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review Bone Tongue 103 Ree of poems Maybe these aren't even poems Maybe each page carries a cult of foxes gathered around a fire waiting for the midnight to fall Maybe it is a single hour caught in the butterfly effect Maybe it is the distance between death and dreaming The tongue.

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review Bone Tongue 103 Has calcified the way a mind makes a relic out of every memory Days are chiselled into verses that get carved onto this hard shelled tabula rasa It is a constellation of cicatrices It screams It kicks its own cure It walks like a war song naked bloody glowi.

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