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Champ AUTHOR Marcia Thornton Jones Download » 104 Marcia Thornton Jones ´ 4 Download Rings a three legged dog into his life Riley feels like he's been thrown a curveball How can he take care of a dog and make his dad proud CHAMP is a former champion show dog But when the accident that leaves him with Riley also. Champ was a great and touching bookThe main character Riley was horrible at sports so as a result his dad makes him play baseball even though he was really bad However a significant change occurs when a three legged dog comes into Riley s life A border collie dog named Champ who was a show dog that belonged to a snotty rich woman When Riley s father ran over Champ Champ broke one of his back legs Because of this Champ could no longer attend in dog shows so the snotty woman no longer wanted this worthless dog Out of pity Riley decides to keep the dog since he partially caused the accident Even though Champ was practically disabled Riley wanted to teach him how to become the show dog again with three legs Although Champ did not win in the competitions Riley taught a lesson that not everything was about winning The greater lesson about the bonds created between these two beings Marcia Jones use of simile really brought out the friendship between Champ and Riley I believe she did a fine job producing this touching book Definitely 5 stars without a doubt

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Champ AUTHOR Marcia Thornton Jones Download » 104 Marcia Thornton Jones ´ 4 Download A sweet funny new title from Marcia Thornton Jones co author of the wildly successful Bailey School Kids series RILEY is awful at sports He wants to uit the baseball team but his dad won't let him give up So when one bad swing b. This book was about a boy named Railey On a normal day Railey was practicing baseball with his friend and accidentally the ball went on the street so Railey went to pick it up then Erch A Ms Leaner s car almost crashed into Railey Railey is ok but the dog inside well he lost a leg So they took Champ the dog to the dog Ms Leaner was about to kill the dog because she thought Champ was useless but Railey said that he can prove that Champ wasn t uselessWhen he told his parents his parent just said that he can keep that dog but he would have to take care of Champ himself On the first few weeks of Champ living with Railey Champ barked whenever Railey went away One day Railey s neighbor Mr Dougahs asked Railey why didn t spend time with Champ so Champ would stop barking Railey answered saying that if he didn t practice baseball so he could win baseball games or his dad would be mad at him Mr Dougahs said that Railey could win the Dog Optical Corse together with Champ too just like winning baseball games From that day on Mr Dougahs keep on making optical corse items each day and each day Railey would take Champ to Mr Dougahs yard for training They all had fun and best of all Champ stopped barking Day by day people started to come and watch Champ getting trained in Mr Dougahs yard Then one day a news maker made an article about Champ getting trained Ms Leaner came to Mr Dougahs yard and wants Champ back because Champ is back on the news and popular again Railey thought that if he stopped training Champ so Ms Leaner won t want him back After a few days of not training Champ started barking again So Railey decided to join Champ back when the Dog Optical Corse came When the Dog Optical Corse came Champ with only three legs Completed it Then he didn t win but he still triedMs Leaner and wants Champ back but no one agrees so she gives upI have a few traits to describe RaileyScared of his dad Dogs make bigger messes that aren t pleasant to clean up but if my dad steeped in one Champ is deadLittle bit lazy Railey didn t take Champ out for a walk yetSorry It s all my fault that Champ lost a leg

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Champ AUTHOR Marcia Thornton Jones Download » 104 Marcia Thornton Jones ´ 4 Download Leaves him with three legs this dog has to learn some new tricks Can Champ show Riley that winning doesn't always mean coming in first Together Riley and Champ make a great team but not everyone thinks so Could they be separated. I realy like this book because the boy in the book Riley at the beginning does sports but he is really bad at them He had tried to do a lot of sports One of them was baseball He practice this with his friends and it is an amazing story