Title : Cloud Physics: A Popular Introduction to Applied Meteorology (Dover Earth Science)
Format : Paperback
Pages : 160 pages
Publisher : small-houses.ru
Language : English
ISBN : 0486428850

An expert and fascinating look at the subject of atmospheric phenomena this text explores a multiplicity of subjects the methods of collecting and analyzing data the structure and growth of clouds from minute condensation nuclei to the familiar cloud forms and the formation of rain snow and hailThe introduction is succeeded by discussions of condensation nuclei the building blocks of clouds and the formation of clouds and their variety orographic layer and cumuliform Ice crystals and the formation of rain and snow are examined in detail as are the properties and formation of hail A review of the techniues for the scientific basis of cloud modifications includes the use of dry and silver iodide particles; a look at the artificial stimulation of rainfall explores commercial cloud seeding; and a survey of methods for the modification of hailstorms covers the use of rockets and seeding with giant salt nuclei and silver iodideIn addition to its value to students of meteorology Cloud Physics offers readers outside the classroom a nontechnical and informativeview of the nature of precipitation and clouds