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Down by the River

READ & DOWNLOAD Ì Down by the River Her father's child and as her private and redeemable tragedy is dragged into the public realm she falls prey to militant factions on all side. Once again O Brien dramatizes a headline incident to show a cruel side of a country lauded for its striking beauty and warm hearth A young girl raped first by her father then by her country symbolizes the degradation of Irish women by religion anti abortion fanatics and a twisted judicial system This is not the Ireland of the Magdelene laundry struggling out of post war irrelevancy and poverty this story is set in the early 90s just as Ireland is poised on Celtic Tiger stardom O Brien writes with incredible tension not a word wasted not an action or gesture with meaning or conseuence She cannot hide her love for her mother country but she does not shy away from damning its behavior either


READ & DOWNLOAD Ì Down by the River Set in her native Ireland Edna O'Brien's newest novel explores the dark and torturous aspects of family ties As Mary the young heroine tries. This is based on a true story and as I read it I found myself recalling the media coverage of the case Edna O Brien has a very individual style of writing She doesn t so much tell as imply Though her prose is uite poetic it is can also be hard to follow There were many of these short chapters that I had to re read to make sure I had got the point Sometimes I couldn t work out what the point was Though I think I just about got the story it sort of fluttered at the edge of my vision like a dream straight after you wake up An acuired taste in literature I think

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ì Down by the River First to conceal and then to escape her father's fateful attention she finds herself driven into an emotional Styx She becomes pregnant with. O Brien s novel was inspired by a highly controversial incident that took place in Ireland in the 9o s a 14 year old Irish rape victim whose struggles with the legal system affected many and caused in Ireland itself a nationwide examination of conscience However behind the story lies a significant part of women s history years of deceit fear and pain concealment of pregnancy unattended births infant corpses A fact that is hushed but still goes on Taking Mary s point of view and slowly revealing the full horror and pathos of her heroine s plight O Brien creates a stark unflinching story Not for the weak of heartChurch and state use their full powers to enforce laws banning abortion not taking into account the person who is pregnant or the devastating conseuences Mary s fate is not her own it is in the hands of the men in suits in the courtroom and psychiatric ward she is buffeted between the pro life and the pro choice camps like a human football and she is dehumanised in their eyesA harrowing book that leaves the reader drained

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  • Down by the River
  • Edna OBrien
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  • 13 September 2018
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