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Downhill Chance

Downhill Chance review ↠ 103 R the Gale family afflicting the sensitive yet resourceful Clair an unforgettable heroine Forced to restart her life in another place she must forsake the family she loves and her community Morrissey blends drama gritty realism and a flair for the comic in this uniue novel At its core is the unravelling of secrets and the redemption that truth ultimately brings. 3 StarsI read this book immediately after reading the author s previous publication Kit s Law As with that book Downhill Chance didn t really grab my interest until well into the story I liked of the characters in this one than in the previous books and the portrayal of the mental anguish inflicted on a soldier returning from WWII is well done There are similarities between the two books both main characters leave a small outport full of petty small minded cruel people to find solace and acceptance among those of an even smaller outport and one thing that the author certainly does well is create characters so vile you want to reach into the story and strangle the life out of them I like the bit of a glimpse of the political scene of Newfoundland joining Confederation in 1949 and with Downhill Chance much so than Kit s Law the reader gets a feel for the colour of Newfoundland speech You may need an online dictionary or like I have a Newfie friend that you can call for help

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Downhill Chance review ↠ 103 With Kit’s Law Donna Morrissey established herself as a gifted storyteller Her chronicle of life in a remote Newfoundland outport was acclaimed by critics and embraced by readers worldwide Downhill Chance is a captivating successor to Morrissey’s first novel Set in a pair of isolated fishing communities in Newfoundland during and after the Second World War th. This is a beautifully written novel that describes in Newfoundland argot the hard life of the outports where men extract a difficult dangerous living from fishing logging and hunting while the women support them with affection household chores It takes place during the late 1930 s ends some times after confederation1948 It deals with 2 small outports interweaves 3 families through friendship jealousy tragedy death marriage childbirth The main characters are well described hold our sympathy interest The landscape seascape are never far from human activities set the mood frame the action One gets a real feel for the life struggles of the Newfoundland outports

free read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Donna Morrissey

Downhill Chance review ↠ 103 Is is the story of two families joined by friendship but torn apart by fear and sorrows Prude Osmond reads her tea leaves and predicts dark days ahead Meanwhile an hour’s boat ride away Job Gale leaves his wife and two young daughters behind to fight in the war a cause neither they nor their neighbors understand The war and the dark secrets it holds cascade ove. Different I ve never read or heard anything about Newfoundland I thought it was an excellently told story especially because it still comes to mind a long time after reading it

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