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Norah Lofts ì 9 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ì Norah Lofts FREE READ Madselin Le and of a royal descentAnd to Rolf the purloiner of her husband's land Madselin was a challenge an emotional challenge that both of them were than eager to accep. This is one of my favorites Takes place during the Norman Invasion

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Norah Lofts ì 9 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ì Norah Lofts FREE READ Madselin In 1066 Saxon England became an enemy occupied territory subject to the cruel and greedy tyranny of the Norman conuerorsMadselin young wife an an aging Saxon lord. Lofts d 1983 was a deservedly popular author of historical fiction in her own lifetime though not nearly as well known to the current generation of serious readers as she deserves to be Her work which is set mainly in her native England usually in Suffolk where she was a longtime resident is characterized by a solid knowledge of history she was a secondary school history teacher before becoming a full time writer excellent plotting skills serious psychological insight and above all very lifelike nuanced characterizations of men and women who are believable compounds of positive and negative traits and motives and you have the feeling that she s generally interested in understanding her characters than judging them She blends the realistic observation of a Realist with freuently the evocative intense situations and emotion inducing moral grey areas of the Romantic school And for all her gentleness in judging individuals she has a sharp eye for illuminating social injustice cruelty greed and hypocrisy and implicitly condemning them for what they are All of these characteristics are in view in this mature work I found this one of the best Lofts novels I ve read and I ve read severalThe Goodreads description for this book reads like the jacket blurb it probably was and the description of the dynamic of the relationship between Rolf and Madselin is misleading it makes this sound like a romance genre novel which it isn t But they have the setting right and the general idea of Madselin s situation Personally the aftermath of the Norman Conuest isn t my favorite historical setting because of the sheer brutality of the real life suffering visited on innocent people with complete impunity for the murdering thugs who inflicted it and Lofts doesn t hesitate to depict this in all of its unvarnished ugliness But there are redemptive ualities in her plot and treatment that made this novel a gripping rewarding read It s also at 209 pp with the author s limpid free flowing prose carrying you along a very uick read Another characteristic of Loft s style is dialogue that reads like modern speech without actual anachronisms she doesn t try to cultivate archaic sounding speech patterns unlike such writers as Scott At the book s opening in the winter of 1067 16 months after the battle of Hastings Madselin is a 17 year old widow hiding in a convent from the Norman usurpers who just days earlier brutally murdered her husband a Saxon lord and took over his little farming community Like all teens of that day she s no empty headed child with her emotional maturity and sense of responsibility artificially stunted by an unnatural cultural environment like our culture she s not a stranger to the rough realities of the adult world But for most of her life she s been somewhat callow willful and self absorbed she s only now beginning to see the needs of others besides herself and to see some of her past attitudes and actions in the unflattering light of reality This novel will be in large measure a story of her growth in moral maturity and empathy It s also the story of Rolf new lord of the manor given a fief by William the Conueror whose arr he was despite his lack of noble pedigree product of a rough upbringing conscious of his social inferiority taciturn looking out for Number One from ingrained instinct but not devoid of conscience or learning ability These two will demonstrate the adage that war makes strange bedfellows and along the way as she gradually reveals through their pasts and present who they are as people Lofts spins a fascinating tale Before she s done she ll throw a suspenseful monkey wrench into the works that ll have you turning pages like mad and the denouement may blow you entirely out of the water as it did me Maybe I m too prodigal with 5 star ratings but I thought this one deserved it

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Norah Lofts ì 9 READ FREE DOWNLOAD ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ì Norah Lofts FREE READ Madselin Found herself in the space of a few short days bereft of husband land title and friends Her only defense against the oppressors was pride the pride of ancient peop. How engrossed was I by this book I cancelled a long standing appointment so I could finish reading it Set in England shortly after the 1066 Norman invasion it concretely depicts the clash of Norman and AngloSaxon cultures through the story of Madselin She is the 17 year old widow of an elderly Anglo Saxon lord who displays savvy survival skills initially by agreeing to a whirlwind marriage to the Norman lord of her former estate Those instincts serve her well again and again as she adroitly shares local lore that aids the invaders and strategies aimed to relieve the misery of the vanuished Her new husband Rolf William the Conueror s arr is of humble origins but harbors a keen and careful mind and fierce determination to succeed in fulfilling the king s charges Norah Lofts a gifted writer of historical fiction displays her talents for brisk story telling with surprising plot twists vivid descriptions of place and multi layered characters who are memorable because so real She is crisply and entertainingly instructive as always In this instance the lessons are about the interplay of disdain by winners and passive agressive resistance by losers of differing codes of honor and of the long term cost extracted by short term goals Loft s keen psychological insights enliven her characters and illuminate modern conundrums

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