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  • River of Ink
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  • 04 August 2018
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River of Ink

Read Ô River of Ink 109 His subjects soothing their discontent and snuffing out the fires of rebellion he suspects are igniting across the islandAsanka has always believed that poetry makes nothing happen but as each new chapter he writes is disseminated through the land and lines on the page become cries in the street his belief and his loyalties are challenged And as Magha circles ever closer to the things Asanka treasures most the poet will discover that true power lies not at the point of a sword but in the tip of a p. Mynah birds are known for a lot of things one of which is probably success they re an incredibly widespread group turning up in Africa the Americas the Pacific and obviously all across Southeast Asia Another is sound Specifically the common hill mynah Gracula religiosa which is apparently the bird most often referred to by the term mynah and of which the Sri Lankan hill mynah fairly probably the mynah that appears in the first sentence of Paul Cooper s debut novel River of Ink is now broadly understood to be a separate rather than sub species is widely known both for its own piercing insistent whistles trilling out in throngs from the treetops in the evenings in the mornings and for its abilit

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Read Ô River of Ink 109 Violent hubristic and unpredictable Magha usurps the throne laying waste to all who stand in his way Under his terrifying rule nothing in the city is left untouched and like many of his fellow citizens Asanka retreats into the shadows hoping to pass unnoticed by the tyrant But it seems his new master is a lover of poetryTo Asanka's horror Magha tasks him with the translation of an epic Sanskrit poem a tale of Gods and nobles love and revenge which the king believes will have a civilising effect on. River of Ink is without a doubt one of the cleverest books I have ever read Not in a showy or flashy way but through its simplicity which speaks volumesI was drawn into Asanka s story straight away Although not a period of time or a location that I am overly familiar with Paul M M Cooper did a fantastic job at setting out the scene without info dumping and I felt very much at home there feeling the heat on my skin and the fear in the air It was though our introduction to Asanka the court Poet that made me aware of just how special this book was going to be Asanka is in no way a hero which sets him apart from other leading characters in literature He is a normal man fearful in love riddled with iss

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Read Ô River of Ink 109 All Asanka knows is poetry From his humble village beginnings in the great island kingdom of Lanka he has risen to the prestigious position of court poet and now delights in his life of ease composing romantic verses for love struck courtiers enjoying the confidence of his king and covertly teaching Sarasi a beautiful and beguiling palace maid the secrets of his artBut when Kalinga Magha a ruthless prince with a formidable army arrives upon Lanka's shores Asanka's world is changed beyond imagining. January is too early to start proclaiming anything the best book of the year rightWell obviously I can t say for sure but this very well might be River of Ink is historical fiction with the feel of epic fantasy It s an ABSOLUTE MUST for any fan of Guy Gavriel Kay It s a shame that this isn t going to show up on fantasy lists just because it doesn t feature the alternate names overlay that Kay uses in his fiction But it s the exact same mix of history with a dash of the fantastic and features very similar themes homeland loyalty loveIn 13th century Sri Lanka an invader later to be known as Magha the Tyrant has seized power Under the new regime executions and bloody slaughter are daily events and no on