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Robert's Lady

review Robert's Lady Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB HE RETURNED HOME ONLY TO FIND HIS BETROTHED HAD MARRIED ANOTHER After rotting away for years in a French prison Lord Robert Manning wants nothing than to return to the life and fiancee he had left behind to fight Napoleon But believing him dead his beloved Eleanor is now another man's wifeHER. I have mixed feelings about this book Generally I like this kind of story but this was a bit too much or too less But I think about it agrivated I m becoming and less stars I m giving grrrrrOk hero comes home and finds out that his beloved fiancee is already married and has a child Poor guy not He is in a pickle he has to marry and produce an offspring as soon as possible because some guys are coming after him to put him in a jail the big horrible secret and he might soon die So he marries the younger sister she offers herself actually because she loved him forever and hopes he will eventually love her back blah blah blah Ahhhh So when evil man wants to arrest Robert he and Katryn embark on a uest to save his good nameBut you just know that when na ex fiancee whants to help to clear his name too there will be some tense and hero is stupid moments And he isI mean he and his wife has some lovely dovely moments and all but when golden Eleanor comes on the scene he completely forgets who his wife is And this is sooooo frustrating Because all they to is gaze lovingly and yearningly on each other And they don t speak at all to each other I mean They are both pretty one dimensional characters actuallyThen they finally kiss And realise they ve changed and aren t right for each other And Katryn sees them And both of them are Nothing happened Yeh right Stupid liars And heroine tells him she wants to leave him And he has a revelation about loving his wife And then they clean his nameAnd this happens exactly this fast an there is no build up or anything Just I was stupid I love you and not your sister No real grovelling nothing And he wants to laugh when Katryn and stupid sister fight over him And he compares them to chickens Is that supposed to bi funnny I think not It s degrading to heroine the ex is chicken I ll give him that and totally inappropriate And his response just made me sooooooooo mad I all I could think was Girl just go And I looooooove love epilogue I mean what kind of book doesn t have an epilogue but this one left me down Too light read which strives to be but failing

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review Robert's Lady Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB SISTER HAS VOLUNTEERED TO BECOME HIS BRIDE Katryn has always loved Robert and although she knows that he still loves Eleanor she impulsively suggests that he marry her instead When he accepts her proposal she is content until a devastating secret from Robert's past is exposed threatening the. Did anyone notice that the summary on here is for the wrong bookAnyway I hate this premise and I hate this book That being said I read it in one day so that counts for something Stupid Hero in love with heroine s big sister and while he s married to heroine he is still in love with the gosh darn golden sister While I was reading this book I felt like I was being cheated on Not exactly what I hope for when I pick up a suppose to be steamy romance novel I love this author though and will not give up on her other books

review ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Nicole Byrd

review Robert's Lady Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Ir future as well as Robert's very life To prove his innocence Robert and Katryn embark on a dangerous journey where treachery is just a step behind Determined to clear his name Katryn vows to fight not only for Robert's honor but for his love to be not just his bride but the lady of his hear. Typical but still enjoyable It is in the predictability that i loose my self which is exactly want i want from a book It is a nice easy read

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