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  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • Roy by Gro Dahle
  • Gro Dahle
  • Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål
  • 19 September 2019
  • 9788202286446

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Roy by Gro Dahle ?pende Gangen er tom og det er stille i husetDet er noen som manglerDet er Roy som manglerMen hvor er Roy nå Ligger han nede i. Som alltid er Nyhus og Dahle helt fantastiske B de tekst og illustreringer er flotte og hjerteskj rende trist Hele f lelsen av boka gjennom illustreringene er m rk og dyster noe som selvsagt st r godt til tematikken Grein som en unge Uff

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Roy by Gro Dahle Jorda Er han i hundeparadisetEller kanskje han er blitt et spøkelseHunden Roy er borte for alltid Men kanskje han er her likeve. Funderingar kring d den som alla kan ha Fantastiskt illustrerat i blekbl tt och guldbeige

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Roy by Gro Dahle En dag er hunden Roy død Det er vanskelig å forstå Det er ingen skraping på dører mer ingen bjeffing og ingen som kommer l?. I picked up this book while waiting for my student ID photo taken Roy was displayed in a library and first that drawn me was its cover So I opened the book and suddenly my heart was crushed right awayAlmost half way read I was called and then got my photo taken Then class start after that So I didn t get a chance to read the whole thingNext day I went to public library and borrow itI couldn t wait And yeap again my heart crushed since the first page This book is so so beautiful and Gro Dahle is easily become my favourite Norwegian authorHow Dahle wrote the book is so child like Her voice shows how child would think and say in that situation The way that kids think about things are sometimes jump from from one point to anotherAnd if we read it from our perspective it doesn t make sense and we would get confused But if you switch your perspective to child s one it will all make senseMy husband actually read this book as well and he said that he can relate to this book so much as he lost his dog when he was young My husband is not really someone who read kids books but he read this one and loved it If you have a dog or love dogs this book will crush you Don t tell me I didn t warn you p And if you re new to Norwegian language I think kids books are amazing source to learn I recommend this book highly as it SO GOOD and will make you cry and laugh at the same time