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Fancy AUTHOR Norah Hess Read í 104 THE LADY After her father's accidental death it was up to young Fancy Cranson to keep her small family together But to survive in the pristine woodlands of the Pacific Northwest she had to use her brains or her body With no other choice Fancy vowed she'. Fancy was just about fanciableMore of a constant maddening bickerfest Although one could tell it was sexual frustration that was driving him and the need for independence and respect from her side Still it went on and onI could still empathize with her reasons despite her overdone fire spitting but he was like a mean immature schoolroom bully who wanted something bad and misbehaved when he couldn t get it The h dances at the local dancehall to earn enough money to go to SFO for a better life The not very likable H the owner of the lumber camp propositions her and gets a slap for his efforts In his defence how s he to know that such sterling purity can co exist with so much dross By romance land coincidence the H s newly orphaned nephew turns out to her nephew as well so they start living together but not that together at least not just then to make a home for him and the h s mentally challenged cousin The sparks turn to unrelenting fire and furyUnlike many books this book s middling chapters were actually its saving grace For than 8 9 chapters I plodded on because of the reviews but my mood was no less snarky and frustrated than that of the HFor one despite the author waxing lyrical about the open mountain country all I could envision was the claustrophobic setting of a small lumber camp with everyone living in each other s pockets the living uarters cookhouse school dancehallwhorehouse all within shouting and interfering distance Also the suggestion of so much intra community sex made me uncomfortableThen I had a problem with the concept of this dance hall itself I just couldn t conceive hard working lumbermen wasting money to dance with the girls till daylight every night Drinking and whoring I can comprehend especially as most girls were offering just that but dancing the night away daily I don t know why I worried about their rest but I wanted them to toddle off home after the visits to the girls roomsBut then the book picks up and I could see the appeal of Fancy The mystery was intriguing enough but I couldn t credit how one woman could wreak such havoc and not get seen or caught for months The mysterious om was charming and rakish The ow was suitably evil and man hungry I never can concur with the description of prostitutes as some kind of nymphos Also while on the topic I ve realized Norah Hess Hs are lead by their head and not the one aka cranium The third part limped along fairly okay but the hH held onto their pridepositions till the bitter end Still some fairly angsty bits and engrossing segments lift it just above a 3ETA Oh and the irony For the whole book the h rages and wages a war that she will not be his whore But in the final scene her thoughts are thus few married women acted the whore for their husbands they didn t know what they were missingSexual euality seems farfetched if a woman has to be labelled a whore just because she gets raunchy and happy in the bedroom

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Fancy AUTHOR Norah Hess Read í 104 D forests less stubborn than the beautiful orphan To win her hand he would trade his roughhewn ways for tender caresses and brazen curses for soft words of desire Only then would he be able to share with her a love that united them in passionate splendo. This romance kept my interest the whole way through and even had some mystery mixed in I wish the romance between Fancy and her lumber man didn t take so long to get going but still a pretty good story

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Fancy AUTHOR Norah Hess Read í 104 D work herself to the bone before selling herself to any timberman even one as handsome virile and arrogant as Chance Dawson THE LOGGER From the moment Chance Dawson laid eyes on Fancy he wanted to claim her for himself But the mighty woodsman had felle. All over the placeHero is a womanizing judgemental pig Heroine just takes his abuse low opinion unjustified possessive jealous streak instead of setting him straight Then they fall into bed together like she s a common whoreI can t believe the grandmother having lived with a womanizer forced the issueThere s a subplot of an obsessive distructive crazy woman that doesn t really mesh with main storyI liked the school teacher cousins camp cook dance hall madam Even the bitchy dance hall girl straight laced pious wife were well developed characters As well as the acceptance of the couple who were brothers

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