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Friendo Author Alex Paknadel Read & download à 2 Leo wasn't allowed toys as a kid but now that he's all grown up he's going to take yours He used to play by the rules but then governments and corporation. Cleverly written sci fi comic book The page composition is to die for I wasn t too keen on the minimalist art but that s just my personal taste make no mistake this one sits in the top 5% of comic books ever written in terms of uality of the writing

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Friendo Author Alex Paknadel Read & download à 2 S set fire to the rules and still expected him to behave He probably would have if it hadn't been for his new friend Jerry See Jerry isn't human; he's a p. Since there s been a lot of good word about Vault Comics I decided to try out a few of the trade paperbacks to see if they re truly the next Vertigo or the next Image In my opinion Friendo is one of the best examples of what this company has to offer the modern comics landscapeAlex Paknadel has crafted a near future world filled with believable dialogue He s taking ideas that are following us everywhere we look virtual reality advertising big corp vs mom n pop stores and tossing them into zany plots Basically he s writing great science fictionMartin Simmonds provides some excellent clean linework reminiscent of Jamie McKelvie He excels at selling characters through body language in a static medium and facial expressions I especially enjoyed seeing the passage of time displayed via Leo s growing beard and gut Sometimes the backgrounds look a bit simplistic but the extra character work keeps the focus on the foregroundI don t know what to say about Dee Cunniffe besides they are doing some of the best coloring work in comics between Friendo Redneck and the upcoming Tommy Gun WizardsThe letters by Taylor Esposito are great Placement of word balloons never gets in the way of the art and helps guide the reader s eye across the page Friendo is an excellent example of a creative team firing on all cylinders working together to create a cohesive work of science fiction like nothing else on the shelves or screen right now

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Friendo Author Alex Paknadel Read & download à 2 Ersonalised marketing VR and he's malfunctioning Unhinged ultraviolence from Alex Paknadel Arcadia and Martin Simmonds Punks Not DeadCollects Friendo #1 5. Stanley Kubrick s AI combined with every other Stanley Kubrick movie including all of the good old ultraviolence we need Climate apocalypse combined with the old sci fi parables about technology and it s effects on our humanity Friendo doesn t disappoint It is also not a keeper either 3 stars and worth the read but won t see staying on my shelf at home

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