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Read Vrajitoarea din Shetland Walter Scott Ø 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø Walter Scott Ultima fila Walter Scott tinde sa lamureasca opinia mondiala asupra valorii morale si fizice a un. I m very happy with how the story concluded

Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø Walter ScottVrajitoarea din Shetland

Read Vrajitoarea din Shetland Walter Scott Ø 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø Walter Scott Ui popor exceptional a unui popor pur mandru si neinfrant de vitregia vremurilor si a vecinilor sa. A very pleasant tale of a young man Mordaunt Mertoun and his rather eccentric father who take up residence in Yarlshof a ruined habitation on a deserted piece of the coastline in Zetland nowadays known as Shetland a group of islands off the northeast coast of Scotland The title character whom it is not revealed is a follower of this buccaneering profession until well into the novel the first use of the word pirate comes on page 443 is rescued by Mordaunt from a ship which is dashed to pieces on the rocks He then makes his way to Burgh Westra the home of Magnus Troil and his lovely daughters Minna and Brenda They are polar opposites the former dark melancholy and intellectual the latter light cheery and somewhat frivolous They are close friends with Mordaunt who is also always welcomed by their father This changes during the stay of Clement Cleveland the pirate with the Troils and is slowly becomes apparent to Mordaunt that their positive feelings for him have signficantly altered A major character throughout the novel is Norna of the Fitful Head generally regarded by the island s inhabitants as a witch who can use spells to alter the weather Minor characters and real delights they are are Triptolemus Yellowley and his haridan of a sister Barbara He was sent to study religion but only paid attention during lessons dealing with agricultural practices which he tries with absolutely no success to reform on the island Pacolet a repulsive dwarf lives with Norna in her habitation among ruins by the promontory of her title There is also a fiddler rhymester and interminable story teller Claud Halcro who once met John Dryden Wonderful John and must be actively discouraged from recounting the tale ad nauseum An itinerant peddlar Bryce Snailsfoot was concerned with looting Cleveland s chest while Mordaunt was trying to save the pirate s life and is in fact the one responsible for spreading scurrilous rumours about Mordaunt among the Troil family Eventually Cleveland and Mordaunt come to blows over the young ladies and the manner in which this is sorted out is complicated by the arrival of Cleveland s sister ship in Kirkwall harbour and the intercession of his crew which upset his plans to leave pirating behind in order to pursue his love for Minna At least two relatively shocking revelations of unknown parentage the first I d figured out long before the second I never would have seen coming one happy marriage a return to the true religion and a glorious death in battle tie up a novel in which Scott had all his juggling balls nicely balanced through his adroit handling of plot character humour love and geography

Walter Scott Ø 2 Summary

Read Vrajitoarea din Shetland Walter Scott Ø 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø Walter Scott Vrajitoarea din Shetland romanul de fata e una din acele carti care te subjuga de la prima pana la. The most inviting aspect of The Pirate is the sense of place that Scott instills within his story Scott pulled me back to the early 18th century and placed me in the Shetland and Orkney Islands At the time these islands were located on the edge of civilization in the far northern reaches of Great Britain Their inhabitants were Scottish by decree but Norse by heritage and custom The islanders worshiped God but also believed in medieval myths and superstitions All of this served to create the feeling of a mystical land that was far removed from the mainstream worldThe character named Norna was written perfectly as a sort of dark reflection of these remote islands She personified the mysticism and beliefs of the island s inhabitants Scott made Norna into mystical being while keeping her tragically human Her story her journey on its own is worth the read Along these same lines the entire novel is a great example of knowing how to build a world in words while also knowing the point at which that world would fall apart in the mind of the reader Scott admirably walked this lineMy interest with The Pirate started when I came across a comment made by James Feni Cooper author of The Last of the Mohicans that was critical of the book Cooper having served as a merchant seaman and as a midshipman in the US Navy considered the novel to include a less than true depiction of life at sea His displeasure was such that it prompted him to write The Pilot A Tale of the Sea which was published two years after The Pirate in 1824After reading both books it seems a bit picky for Cooper to have made such a comment and for it to have prompted his writing an entire novel in rebuttal Both books actually spend very little time at sea However if there was a break in Scott s world it was indeed during the few chapters that featured ships pirates and the sea For Scott it was all about the land In contrast these same few corresponding chapters in Cooper s book were far better than the balance of his story Thus I think that Scott wrote the better bookThe difficulties with The Pirate reside in its age Of course early 19th century English is something of its own dialect that can be difficult to follow Along these same lines the 19th century dialect of the Shetland Islanders as phonetically written by Scott is at times all but impossible to understand Additionally Scott may go a bit too far in setting the mood of the islands by freely including verses of poetry and songs in his prose While a few of these inclusions were essential most tended to be distractingOverall The Pirate is a touching love story that evolves from the life and struggles of its participants Human complexity and dichotomy are realistically depicted The characters are not sure footed creatures that make their next move as a matter of course But most of all The Pirate captures the feeling of a remote land isolated in time and brought to life through Scott s words Anyone considering future travels through these islands would be well served by reading this book preferably by a fireplace on a rainy day looking out upon fields of moss covered peat that drop off over cliffs that rise up from the sea

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