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Beach Climb

Beach Climb Summary Ø 8 Start until Laurie turns his muscle on the junk between JoJo’s legs 18 Strictly adults only Contains graphic descriptions of sadomasochistic sexual fetishes including bondage spanking and ball busting. For a first part in a new series this was great but I d rather read the whole story at once I think Because only Todd Young can give you the Todd Young feeling and therefore you must read till the endWe have a typical Todd Young protagonist JoJo He just turned 18 obviously has issues has a thing for exhibitionism and has hot weird sex with a all time smiling good looking strangerTo get a better insight we need to know and read and I m sure judging by Todd s other books it will be interestingI love Todd s writing style It s compelling detailed out of this world hot fascinating captivating and nuts I m sure I could find suitable wordsBut there were uite a lot of words at the wrong place in the sentence I would offer to proof read Todd Although since I am no native speaker you better find someone else suitable to get this cleaned upWhat we learn in this story as a life lesson I mean is that if you put oil rock climbing and a too tight speedo together view spoileryou get a stranger s fingers up your ass come on his belly immediately and go home with him to find yourself suspended and thoroughly fucked and spanked hide spoiler

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Beach Climb Summary Ø 8 JoJo’s just turned eighteen He meets a group of rock climbers at the beach and has a fall Before he knows it he’s back at this guy Laurie’s place but not only is Laurie gay he’s the owner of a b. MORE PLEASE TODD LUKEI so not in BDSM but I am so in this one Free on Smashwords YET Hurry up BTW why Luke Because of BDSM or because of mamma

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Beach Climb Summary Ø 8 Ondage dungeon JoJo a straight Christian boy from the South is bewildered Within minutes he’s agreed to something somehow and he’s swinging from chains bound and gagged But the fun doesn’t really. Oh mythis was awful Why did you do this to yourself Todd This was awful off putting cringeworthyI wish I had never read this but I just had to because it was free didn t I Well this turned out to be the first and only bookstory I ve ever read where an MC rapes and abuses another MCI actually liked the beginning JoJo s need to exhibit and all the absurdity that took place at the cliff that would ve been a solid three stars from me had the story stopped thereAnd I actually would ve liked to explore the castration kink but not like thisnot when valid consent is missing