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REVIEW Break on Through The Life and Death of Jim Morrison

Break on Through The Life and Death of Jim Morrison

REVIEW ↠ Break on Through The Life and Death of Jim Morrison CHARACTERS Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ James Riordan James Riordan ☆ 8 REVIEW Thirty five years after his death in Paris at age twenty seven Jim Morrison's iconic legend remains as powerful as ever swathed in the mists of mystery There have been numerous biographies about the self proclaimed Lizard King's life and career But none have examined his roots and childhood the intellectual foundations of his music his. Break On Through is the definitive biography of Jim Morrison so far It doesn t possess the shortcomings of the other Morrison biographies such as the near idolatry and hero worship of No One Here Gets Out Alive which did serve its purpose in resurrecting The Doors for a new generation of which I m one or the derivative renditions of Morrison s life in recent biographies Break On Through has the focus of objectivity in looking at Morrison and his work in The Doors and the original source material they generated bring forth new anecdotes and fresh insights into MorrisonAs in most biography we do go in knowing the outline of the subject s life In Morrison s case that s the son of a career Navy man who has a mystical encounter in the desert at a young age and believes the soul of an Indian leapt into his soul The young Morrison grows up to be a rather bookish kid who gets the attention of his peers as much as for his classroom antics as his good grades He disobeys his father s wishes and registers at UCLA film school where he proceeds to write essays on the history of film and make a couple of films nobody seems to interested in except Ray Manzarek Morrison uits school two weeks before graduation retreats to a rooftop in Venice Beach ingests a whole lot of LSD and manages to write some of the most seminal and original lyrics by seeing a rock concert in his head and taking notes Later that same summer Morrison seeks out Manzarek who Morrison knew was in a rock band and where Manzarek lived Morrison sings him a couple of songs and the two decide to start a band call it The Doors and make a million dollars They work their way up the club scene on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and Morrison proceeds to become one of the most original and provocative singers in Rock n Roll history becoming even a rock star s idea of a rock starThe difference in Break On Through from other biographies is that the authors James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky examine the influences in Morrison s thinking such as Antonin Artaud s Theatre and it s Double Nietzsche especially The Birth of Tragedy which reads like a veritable blueprint of The Doors and the film noir influences on both Morrison and Manzarek and how this all relates to the music of The Doors Everyone who is into The Doors or is getting into The Doors is trying to understand why Morrison did the things he did and how he came to write the things he did That may be a little beyond biography but Break On Through is the place to start

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REVIEW ↠ Break on Through The Life and Death of Jim Morrison CHARACTERS Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ James Riordan James Riordan ☆ 8 REVIEW Wild days with the Doors and his enigmatic early death as completely and insightfully as Break On ThroughMore than simply a fascinating look at a rock legend whose cult following never stops growing here is the definitive Morrison biography his angry relationship with his father; the early tragedies and terrible events responsible for. Break on Through by James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky is an extremely well written biography of Jim Morrison Having read other books on the subject I can say that this book presents Morrison very objectively presenting not only his pubic image or the myth but also giving insights as to what he was off stage by providing interviews with people close to him Because indeed Morrison the rock star and Jim the poet are two different people The authors make the distinction between the two visible This book also stands out because of its incredibly detailed account of the story All the fact are presented from multiple perspectives with the interviews of Morrison himself and the people around him The authors present many facts previously less known about the Doors through a well organized and easy to follow narrative But easy to follow does not mean a tale of what was visible only on the surface The authors offer insights about the turmoil in Morrison s mind and the poet trying to fight off the sex symbol They speculate about what sparked the disappointment and dissatisfaction with his reality making it easier sympathize with Morrison s actions Every event in Morrison s life is inspected along with why it was like that and what it lead to in the end The authors strengthen their speculations with excerpts from Morrison s poetry and the Doors lyrics The authors also provide context about society s values and morals at the time to provide ground for comparing and contrasting the Doors philosophy The albums of the group as a whole and the separate songs are analyzed along with the public s and the critics reaction to themThe book Break on Through offers an in depth insight of Morrison s life death inspirations and legacy It is a superb account of a genius trapped by the philosophy he advocated

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REVIEW ↠ Break on Through The Life and Death of Jim Morrison CHARACTERS Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ James Riordan James Riordan ☆ 8 REVIEW The darkness of his artistic vision; his private life and legal trials including his infamous Miami obscenity bust; and the truth about his final hours Based on extensive research and featuring dozens of rarely published photographs this is the authoritative portrait of the poet the grim visionary the haunted man and his haunting musi. AmazingI am so glad that I read this book It is wonderfully detailed a photo of the mind After digesting every word I was saddened when the final page was turned The group truly loved one another There music was an outpouring of their souls I didn the know this until I read the bookAnother point I learned is how each song came into being They honed their craft like an intricate knitted sweater The listening audience gained a uick glimpse into their lives An unforgettable one at that

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