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review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Summary Essential Dental Therapeutics (Essentials (Dentistry)) 108 Õ 8 Read & Download Essential Dental Therapeutics is a practical guide to drugs and their effects on dental care Covering both medical and dental prescribing all major categories of prescription drugs their possible side effects and potential drug interactions are discussed The medical section is succ. It s good for dental review in preparation for the boards

review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ

 Essential Dental Therapeutics (Essentials (Dentistry))

review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Summary Essential Dental Therapeutics (Essentials (Dentistry)) 108 Õ 8 Read & Download Inct and easily understandable providing busy dentists with the information they need about medical conditions and the drugs used to treat them The dental section offers practical straightforward information that is relevant to everyday dental prescribing All clinical contributing a. Whoa yes I think it s a tough gig being a dentist The neck back pain from sitting in the chair the tendency to depression like we GPs and Vets the aerosol containing blood and infection that comes up as one works sorry not meaning to scare and of course the constant worry as to what tablets we GPs might have put our mutual patients onFour things used to terrify me on behalf of my dental colleagues How about the blood thinning agents like warfarin and sinthrome Then come the new oral anticoagulants NOACs that until recently couldn t be reversed The extraction that just won t stop bleeding Then how about the dodgy heart valves Elderly patient often suffered from Rheumatic Fever as children and this in turn could damage heart valves Not so much today but one always had to be careful about such patients and trips to the dentist as infection could fly off in dental procedures and then cause a particularly nasty infection that certainly during my time as a junior doctor on the wards in the twilight hours would keep me busy for hours ruling such things out and the rest of the night worrying about such things Then the advice used to change One moment we were giving our patients antibiotics before they underwent dental procedures to protect the damaged heart valves then we weren t and then it was at our discretion Duh Even worse than all these things are the modern bone building drugs that treat osteoporosis We GPs give them out to little old ladies to prevent brittle bones and although such things are wonderful woe betide the dentist who doesn t ask about them as they can cause a nasty nasty problem of one s jaw where it almost dissolves and especially after dental treatment All this is even before one considers the patient who collapses in the chairEnter this fabulous book which takes on such things head on and in truth many It s the perfect size Each class of drugs is allocated to one chapter and these are then discussed in some detail How they work why they are used and then how they might affect the dental patient It gives just the right amount of detail to educate and inform and it taught me as a GP so many things that I simply didn t know like the fact that the toxic dose from a child swallowing a tube of fluoride toothpaste is much lower than I thought The other notable point is the breadth of information that it contains and any dentist would be well placed and well pleased for keeping abreast of the information it containsI asked my friend Jordan to take a look and here are her comments As a third year dental student this is a fantastic and easy to read book that I will definitely be referring to when treating patients and revising for exams It is laid out very well with helpful graphs tables and flowcharts The book starts off giving a helpful introduction about pharmacodynamics pharmacokinetics and drug safety for dentists which is going to come in handy when revising The best part of the book is a whole chapter dedicated to antibiotics which of course is one of the main drugs that dentists prescribe This is written in a concise manner and is very helpful as it explains when to prescribe each antibiotic for each infection when to adjust doses drug interactions side effects and also when antibiotic prophylaxis is reuired as up to date with current NICE guidelines I also enjoyed the coagulation chapter and the steps a dentist must take The book then takes us through antifungals and the implications for both the dentist and patient regarding HIV Hepatitis Herpes TB and any potential oral side effects of most common medications We then continue with the importance of fluoride and the correct concentrations for each age range Xerostomia dry mouth and the treatments for various medical emergencies that may happen in the dental surgery The final chapters are based on the drugs used dental implications and considerations of diseases and disorders such as diabetes degenerative cardiovascular respiratory gastrointestinal and many This is a compact but very informative book the authors cover a vast amount of information and it has already helped me tremendously with my studies5 Stars So the GP and the dentist are in full agreement about this fabulous book Highly recommended 5 stars too from me With thanks from me thanks to Jordan to Vine and to Wiley Õ 8 Read & Download

review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Summary Essential Dental Therapeutics (Essentials (Dentistry)) 108 Õ 8 Read & Download Uthors are medically and dentally trained and both strands are fully integrated throughout the text Readers can test their knowledge by using the key topics and learning objectives at the start of each chapter and by accessing the companion website featuring self assessment uestions. Dentists are able to recommend medications which are listed in the dental practitioners a list of medicines If a prescription is reuired for treatmentpreventing a dental condition then the prescribing and monitoring should be carried out by the dentistEssential Dental Therapeutics is a guide which offers guidance to dental practitioners on prescribing issues common medicines that will have oral health side effects drug interactions and the supervision of patients on antiplatelet and anticoagulants In addition this would also include emergency drugs kits This is a book that should help to help to signpost dental practitioners to the newest guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE on appropriate antimicrobial guardianship to safeguard the effective use of antimicrobials and other relevant pharmacologyThis Essential Dental Therapeutics is a guide is comprehensive and user friendly and is therefore recommended

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