Title : Getting Hitched Vol. 8: Marriage, Diamond Style / Married to the Enemy / The Perfect Husband / I Thee Wed
Format : Paperback
Publisher : Ann Major
Language : English
ISBN : 9780373827473

Marriage Diamond Style Mary Lynn BaxterVirile fiery Matthew Diamond didn't believe in love And he certainly didn't like cool collected women like Brittany Fleming What Matthew loved was a challenge and the chance to thaw this ice princess was one he couldn't pass up so he decided to turn on the charm and turn up the heatWaking up in Matthew's rugged arms was hardly what insurance investigator Brittany had planned when she'd traveled to the wilds of Texas on a case And she never dreamed of the conseuences of their passionate night together Then when Matthew abruptly announced he intended to make her his bride Brittany knew she wanted love and was determined to find it in marriage Diamond styleMarried to the Enemy Ann MajorMarriage according to Jonathan McBrideMy first marriage almost destroyed me I swore I'd never live with a woman again then I met Stormy Her father offered me the ranch I'd always wanted if I'd marry his daughter Was the price too highMarriage according to Stormy JonesMy mother warned me not to marry Jonathan McBride Others said he was no good that he might have killed his first wife But I loved him enough to risk everything even the life of my unborn childThe Perfect Husband Kristine RolofsonLive the FantasyOnce upon a time there was a fair maiden who found a sleeping prince on her doorstepSeven foster children one meddling stepmother and a huge Victorian house kept Raine Claypoole very busy and very safe especially from men Bitter experience had taught her there were no Prince Charmings Then Alan Hunter collapsed on her steps Her stepmother declared him a perfectly lovely husband Perfect in the bedroom yes Raine agreed But he had his own ulterior motives for needing a wifeI Thee Wed Anne McAllisterHow will I know himThe first time Diane Bauer asked herself how she'd recognize the man she would marry she accompanied a college friend on a blind date and met intense young grad student Nick GranatelliFor Diane a smoldering attraction like theirs had only one fate one future marriage The only hard part she learned was convincing her intendedThree years later fate brings them together again For Nick so much has changed For Diane the uestion remains the sameThis time though it's waiting to be answered