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READ hir by Taylor Mac 108 Ger sister Maxine is now his brother Max; and their mother Paige is committed to revolution at any cost Determined to be free of any responsibility toward her formerly abusive husband or the home he created Paige fervently believes s. Loved it I wish I would have written it myself

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READ hir by Taylor Mac 108 Discharged from the Marines under suspicious circumstances Isaac comes home from the wars only to find the life he remembers upended Isaac’s father who once ruled the family with an iron fist has had a debilitating stroke; his youn. its a pretty cool play but wow makes me feel a bit of a Way that this is the only trans masc play character ive ever read and its Like That

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READ hir by Taylor Mac 108 He can lead the way to a new world order Hir Taylor Mac’s subversive comedy leaves many of our so called normative and progressive ideas about gender families the middle class and cleaning in hilarious and ultimately tragic disarra. 35This comedy is so dark it s basically invisible Isaac a war veteran returns to his home to find his dad s had a stroke his mom s had a revelation and his sibling Max is taking testosterone and using gender nonconforming pronouns hence the title of this play Add Isaac s PTSD and a drug related dishonorable discharge and you ve got a pretty rough homecoming Mom Paige is using Max s coming out as a way to come out herself as a woman embracing life and revenge She wholeheartedly jumps into accepting Max s new life maybe because she s bored maybe because she sees it as vengeance on her racist abusive homophobic husband who can no longer take care of himself let alone tell her what to do I get the feeling that Paige accepts Max insofar as it is convenient for herself using Max as an excuse to do all the things she was never able to do before It seems very performative which is probably intentional since the playwright refers to this as absurd realism and I don t like absurdism so this was a stretch for me I d be interested in seeing this performed Though the play is named for Max Paige is the focal point and the most complex and overpowering character In the hands of the wrong actress it could turn bad in a hurry but I don t want to see that I want to see someone who can walk a fine line that makes me loathe and love Paige without going too far in either direction

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