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Ik Jan Cremer Summary Ú 0 review Ik Jan Cremer Daad de 'onverbiddelijke bestseller' zoals op het omslag van de eerste druk al was aangekondigdIk Jan Cremer geeft een schitterend beeld van een tijd waarin alles voor het eerst mogelijk werd en is met even aanstekelijke energie als humor geschreven. Follow Dutch action painter Jan Cremer through Bohemian misadventures romantic entanglements art world politics and the outer fringes of the counter culture This is a really fun read by an author artist who has a devilish sense of humor

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Ik Jan Cremer Summary Ú 0 review Ik Jan Cremer Ik Jan Cremer veroorzaakte bij verschijning in 1964 een ware revolutie De meerderheid van de critici was geschokt door het boek boekhandels weigerden het te verkopen ouders verboden hun kinderen het te lezen Uiteraard deden ze dat wel en in groten g. The nothingness of adolescenceIt is the beginning of the year 1964 when five thousand copies of Ik Jan Cremer appear in shops in the Netherlands On the cover of the book boasts the famous photo of the author on his Harley Davidson The Dutch community it shocked Never have they read a book filled with such sex violence and bloodIn those strange years the stories of the liberated Jan Cremer create a wave of controversy finally a man had freed himself from the mediocrity of daily life had taken control over his own fate as good and bad as it gets His adventures are disorderly and take him from prisons to the foreign legion from unlimited sexual escapades to bloody and deadly man to man fights One day his life is total misery the other day the wind fortune is blowing his way Jan Cremer became the prototype of a licentious boy who gets all he wants out of lifeIk Jan Cremer is a book of its time When read now it predominates in naivety and is reduced to a constant flood of words that had only one goal to kick against the society of the Sixties Once broken through this fa ade what is left is a skeleton of a nihilism that leads to nothing It fades away when compared to a multi layered novel like Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye although it addresses the same coming of age theme Whereas the raw speedy and direct language sometimes grabs the reader by the throat the story never hooks into a momentum that entices the reader to turn to the next page

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Ik Jan Cremer Summary Ú 0 review Ik Jan Cremer EtaleDit boek is een schelmenroman over het leven van schrijver en schilder Jan Cremer die op reis gaat schildert verhalen vertelt vrouwen versiert en motor rijdt Met meer dan 1 miljoen verkochte exemplaren alleen al in Nederland werd het boek inder. My rating of this book is based entirely on having read it when I was 12 years old At that time I it was pardon me da sht Nothing could be cooler than sex violence and action told in a loosely rambling uasi Keroucian sort of surrealist hipster vibeWhen I came across it an adult I was appalled at some of the scenes of violence that I had thought cool because they were directed against authority I seriously doubt if I could get through it today I discussed book with a few people when I was in Holland and was told that Cremer has a particularly Dutch sense of humor So there s thatOne of the seuels was translated into English as Jan Cremer Rides Again It had a few moments but was mostly disappointingFor all its flaws it bears comparison with the rambling autobiographical fiction of Henry Miller