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  • 01 March 2019
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Read & Download Heaven Can Wait 104 Rescue during the French Revolution They mean to save Marie Antoinette’s young son the uncrowned king from evil captors When new dangers threaten the king the lovers must make choices that could tear them apartMOONSTRUCK by Laurie DeMarinoBrave Irish immigrant Beth O’Hara feels driven to track down the man who killed her friend in a fashion identical to Jack the Ripper’s slayings Only investigative reporter Bill Greyson who holds Beth’s heart and life in his strong hands can protect her from being the next victimGUIDING STAR by Rosemary PaulasA World War II test pilot WASP Kate Edwards has a vision and sees her friend’s plane crash after being chased and hit by another craft The pilot killer stalks Kate Afraid for her life she turns to her former lover her friend’s brother pilot Blake Greyson for help Will he believe her before.

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Read & Download Heaven Can Wait 104 HEAVEN CAN WAITA Paranormal Romance Anthologyedited byPatricia RosemoorA love so deep that it can last through centuries Star crossed lovers drawn together through many lifetimes Chased by evil the women must discover their own magic to overcome the villain’s curse on the rings that draw them to the men they love HEAVEN SENT by Sherrill BodineDuring Elizabethan times Lady Elizabeth York's star shaped birthmark proclaims her a child of magic When she arrives at Dunham Castle to marry Carlyle heir to the Duke of Lennox she finds magic in the eyes and touch of Will Grey the Duke's bastard son Bewitched by Elizabeth Will defies all for their love and his half brother places a curse on them bothSTARGAZER by Jude MandellActress Giselle Lascalles teams up with Irish Viscount Hugh Hawkswell a spy in the British Secret Service to attempt a daring.

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Read & Download Heaven Can Wait 104 It’s too lateSHOOTING STARS by Cheryl JeffersonSaigon is about to fall Just steps ahead of the conuering North Vietnamese nothing to lose refugees and the CIA Miles Grey and Athena Leigh race across town toward the last flight to safety He’s a Special Ops soldier and she’s a pacifist and media photographer fighting their turbulent emotions and ultimately their loveMOONSPINNER by Patricia RosemoorSearching for a treasure ship sunk in Elizabethan times present day marine archeologist Cordelia Ward has a dream vision of one diver cutting another’s airline Both salvager Innis Foley and rogue treasure hunter Morgan Murphy pursue Cordelia Not knowing which man is the killer which the intended victim – which man is her enemy which her soulmate – she seeks answers in an ancient journal that belonged to her ancestress Lady Elizabeth York.