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summary ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Buckley NERDS National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society Book One review ✓ 3 Michael Buckley ´ 3 read A group of unpopular students are part of a spy network inside their school With the help of cutting edge science their nerdy. That s your problem Braceface You judge others by what they look like You ve spent your life putting people into little categories nerd geek athlete cheerleader weakling and you can t imagine they might be than what you think People are always than what they appear Matilda aka WheezerJackson Jones rules elementary school He s the star of the football team receives decent grades has a high popularity status and a group of his own to call his friends He spends his days freuently on the field and playing pranks and raids on the nerds of his school However this all changes with a single dentist visit He is told that he will now need braces due to the recent discovery of the abnormal amount of teeth that his mouth is harboring Wearing awkward braces is not what cool people do it s what nerds have Forced to wear estranged headgear mounted on his face he is uickly shunned by his peers and those so called friends he used to hang out with He s now the object of his past associates pranks turning his life around in a complete 360 manner Jackson s grades uickly drop and all he does is spy to see all of the ins and outs of everyone at his elementary school students and teachers alike When his snooping leads him to a group of students that abnormally sneeze at the same time prompting the five to leave their class in a timely fashion he finds himself in an awkward situation After chasing them down the school s hallway Jackson hides in a locker when the principal comes walking his way He can t afford to get in trouble for cutting class It s at this time that he falls through the floor of the locker taking him beneath the school thanks to an elaborate system built by a group unbeknownst to him It s at the end of this journey that Jones finds himself in a lab like area surrounded by scientists working on countless inventions When he s spotted he uickly runs into a room that locks behind him At this time people are trying to break down the door to get to the intruder Jackson while he is being assessed by some type of computer that s located in the room Finding his weakness his headgear the computer system gives him the code name Braceface Jackson Jones has no idea what is going on but he soon passes out in this same room When he awakens he has powersJackson is in the secret headuarters of the super secret spy group NERDS National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society It consists of a group of five eleven year old boys and girls who save the world on a weekly basis No adults suspect children to be than what they are little kids who have no idea what s going on around them This is what makes NERDS the ideal spy unit a group of unsuspecting people who are tech savvy Using special technology these eleven year old students are able to utilize their biggest weaknesses as a formidable weapons This is what happened to Jackson He can now use his braces in strange new ways by imagining what he wants them to turn into and then using them to protect himself and fight enemies in their new form The former jock decides to join the team of NERDS which consists of Ruby Pufferfish who is allergic to countless emotions actions and foods allowing her to be in a sense psychic Matilda Wheezer a fierce girl with asthma who can use her inhalers to fly and blast people back or create gaping holes Duncan Gluestick a sweet boy who devours large amounts of glue allowing him to stick to walls and surfaces with his own paste Heathcliff Choppers a young lad with abnormally large teeth that can hypnotize people and Julio Flinch an extremely hyperactive person that can gather all of the sugar he eats through a harness that gives him the abilities of super strength and high speedsJackson must train with all five of his eleven year old teammates so that he may become the best of the best all while trying to observe their missions and make those he formally bullied turn to him as a friend This is no easy task for any person but Jackson Jones must do it before he is kicked off the team for good Their current missions are to stop whoever or whatever is creating the current world crisis the moving of the seven continents over great distances Somehow the land formations are being made to form what was once Pangaea When the landmasses come together they create giant disasters killing countless people in the process Will Jackson aka Braceface be able to be the hero he wants people to see or will he fall short and be the bully he s been recently known to beCountless middle graders will love this book and the rest of its companions in the series It was fun humorous full of adventure and an overall good read There were two aspects that I really enjoyed in this book The first one was how the six main children in this book were all uniue and diverse This created a great multicultural arrangement and an unforgettable ride for the reader The second reason then tied into a theme that struck me multiple times while reading Buckley s excellent book It s okay to be different I think that this is a great message that so many people and children need to read of Sure the bullying in this book was brief but it was well addressed When Jackson hurt Duncan Ruby Heathcliff Julio and Matilda they were just some nerds who blended in with all of the rest of his school However when he spent time with them he noticed that what made them nerds was uniue to their personalities yet it also didn t define them People are so much than what they seem This was what he learned after joining NERDS Jackson also learned that he didn t need to be a bully to be cool or to attract real friends He just needed to be Jackson Jones Teamwork was also important in Buckley s book When the gang was fighting or not listening to what the rest were saying andor doing things went badly They had to notice what everyone was doing to work like a well oiled machine The descriptions were done well the plot wonderfully executed and the writing was excellent What was really cool about the book was how it was illustrated It almost had the feel of a comic book but one geared toward middle graders Of course this was not what it was it s indeed a full length novel Buckley also threw in multiple changes in perspective He went from the NERDS characters to the mysterious and crazy villain Full of intrigue and mystery the ending contained a great twist that left you wanting the next installment I recommend that all middle grade students read this It s definitely worth it You can see reviews like this one and at

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NERDS National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society Book One

summary ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Buckley NERDS National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society Book One review ✓ 3 Michael Buckley ´ 3 read Ualities are enhanced and transformed into incredible abilities They battle the Hyena a former junior beauty pageant contest. How would you like to be the star of the schools football and the most popular kid at schoolWell that was who Jackson Jones was at Nathan Hale Elementary School from NERDS by Michael Buckley Jackson was only friends with the popular kids from school and would bully all the other kids Until one day he went to the dentist to get his teeth whitened and the dentist found out he had two sets of teeth and had to get a large head brace for his teeth All of his friends stopped talking to him So he decided to spy and find dirt on all of his old friendsAfter he finds out stuff on them he gets bored with them and then starts to spy on the kids he use to bully because they always disappear randomly during class One time he follows them and watch them go into lockers so he follows and discovers the NERDS lab Once discovered by the scientists he runs in a room with a large computer and it modifies his braces to a electronic brace doing whatever he can think of Soon the NERDS catch him and the main leader asks if he wants to joinOnce they realize that there are about 10 scientists that got kidnapped they go out to protect the last scientist they might want once they get there they go in to save the scientist but then the Hyenabad henchman shows up to take the scientist and beats the NERDS to it NERDS then go back to regroup They then find another lead at a guy that used to work with Jigsawvillain that has information on him But the hyena shows up and destroys the documents and the guys house When everyone yells at Jackson telling him its his fault he uits and goes home One day he goes to a old parking garage to find the Hyena following him and runs away but she stops him She tells him that she can help him get Jigsaw The next day thy show up at the secret lair but then get captured and put in jail cells They then find a way to pick the lock and break out When they get out they go to stop Jigsaw but find out one of the NERDS agents is really a secret villain and they fight to break the machine they created and Jackson dives into the machine to break it and goes home and tells his dad about his story This is very adventurous and fun you should read it for yourself

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summary ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Buckley NERDS National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society Book One review ✓ 3 Michael Buckley ´ 3 read Ant turned assassin and an array of James Bond–style villains each with an evil plan diabolical and ridiculous than the las. Received in a giant stack of youth books from a cousin who was heading off to college DS 1 nearly 7 read this on his own his first completed chapter book He had previously tried to read Moonraker which inexplicably disappeared shortly after he mentioned to me that he was reading it I need to wade through the bookshelves and make sure dicier volumes are inaccessible Anyway DS 1 liked it a lot and gives it many stars

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