Title : Tit for Tat Baby
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 215 pages
Publisher : Sabel Simmons
Language : English

Jenna Burkes salivated the moment she laid eyes on him He was a man that would tempt a nun he was that gorgeous The muscled carpenter annoyed her from the moment he opened his mouth with his arrogance Only he was not the carpenter He was Callum McGregor a renowned businessman and owner of the castle in Ireland where she was sent to restore the historical murals and paintings Callum McGregor was irritated when a young twit just walked into his home and he snubbed her He was already slightly annoyed with all the people coming and going in his home The renovations have cost him his privacy and now he had another young giggling twit underfoot for a number of weeks Even though her voice sounded husky raspy and sensually sexy When they eventually came face to face the electric tension between them was tangible Callum kept his distance even though his body wanted to be near He was not a cradle snatcher and was adamant to stay away He kept her at a distance with his snappy comments and arrogance Jenna never backed down from a challenge and his attitude was just that She sassed him until he snapped and passion exploded between them His possessiveness turned her head and she could not deny his every demand until he introduced her to his fiancé